Hairdryers induce Slowth. QED.


Hairdryers in one Scottish city used to slow traffic

A brilliant, soft idea for the world’s streets. In areas around schools, pedestrian areas, bike lanes, crosswalks, intersections, hospitals, seniors’ homes, play streets, commercial areas, and low speed zones more generally.

I wish I had thought of that.
And please understand that this is not an anti-car, hate, bullying or guerilla tactic. Rather, it is PRO low speeds in sensitive areas, PRO safety, PRO citizen engagement, PRO behavior modification through nudging, PRO engagement of open debate. And yes at the end of the day PRO a lot fewer cars in cities, with the ones that are still there carrying more than just that one lonely driver. And oh yes, better choices for getting around in the city, better-than-car choices. For all.
Come on now! Do it! You love it! (Please post your pictures and stories here.)
PS. We are proud of you! ! !
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