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Dear reader,

To follow the action on World Streets, you have the option of receiving a concise reminder by email, either daily or weekly. Each reminder provides a 3 line summary of the article in question, with an option for clicking to it directly, or place for making a comment. I would imagine that for reasons of economy of time, most of you are going to prefer the weekly notification option which is reserved for subscribers only.

The sign-in routine takes less than five minutes, in three short steps as follows:

1. The top right menu invites you to “Enter your email address here” in the To Subscribe slot. Please do, clicking Sign me up to get the wheels turning.

2. A short email notification will be immediately sent to your inbox, explaining the subscription and inviting you to Click the following link. Please do.

3. This activates your subscription, taking you at the same time  to your personal WordPress subscription page, which offers you the choice of receiving notifications immediately as they appear, daily, or weekly. Please make your choice and Apply. (And if for any reason you later prefer either to alter the notification period or to cancel your subscription, this is the page to which you come to indicate your preferences.)

That’s all there is to it. But if you have any questions, click Contact just here and you will see how to get in touch directly.

Enjoy World Streets — It’s one of a kind.

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