If you have spent some time with World Streets you will probably have noticed that it is a thoroughly collaborative operation, with friends and partners from many different places around the world contributing in many different ways. So far so good. But we also need other forms of help of a more specific kind, so the purpose of this entry on this 10th day of June 2010 is to let you know about some of the kinds of skills and support needed if we are to make World Streets into a truly effective instrument in support of the sustainable transport agenda worldwide

At this point let me just list the main areas in which help is going to be most useful, and invite you to work your way down this list, and if you see an area in which you have the skills and the desire to pitch in, please do get in touch so that we can discuss how this might work.

Before you dig in however let me point out that while this is a great and exciting series of challenges, the only reward for doing them will be your satisfaction. It is a great and challenging job, but there is no pay and no obligations really, other than to pitch in where your skills and time permit. But we can promise that you will be in great company.

Now on to the areas in which your help is needed:


* Contributors/authors* Reviewers

* Editors

* Translators

* Eyes on the Street Sentinels

* Speakers Bureau, organization of

Media skills:

* Illustrators* Photographers

* Videographers

* Streetscape models

* Scenario writers

* Podcasting

* Editors

* Producers

Technical support (Web):

* Webmasters and blog experts* Map maintenance

* Eyes on the Street program maintenance

* Blog liaison

Partners for new language/country editions

* See Italian version, Nuova Mobilità here


* Through web* Direct representations

* Viral fundraising

Project partners (for joint projects, editions)

At this point perhaps it will be a most efficient of your time if we leave this a simple list without going into any more details explanations here, leaving that for the next stage of communication in case you wish to get in touch to discuss how you might help out. You know how to get in touch. I hope we shall be hearing from you.

Eric Britton, Editor

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