World Carshare Collaborative Surveys: 2013/2014


Over the last five years World Streets has published close to 100 articles looking at carsharing status and prospects in around 20 different countries on all continents.  We are now undertaking to update this series, starting with an excellent contribution just in on how carsharing is developing (and developing fast) in the Netherlands which you can see today at Others will follow in hte coming weeks and months.

If you have not been keeping your eye on the field over the last couple of years, canada carshare Autoshare - smallyou’re due for some big surprises. Most striking is the wide range of new operating arrangements, along with the sheer growth we’re seeing in many places. And car sharing is showing itself to have a considerably wider range of uses then we all once thought, including in lower density and rural areas. The specifics vary of course from country to country, but the overall pattern is one of diversified, strong and for most of the surprising growth.

In response to a first outreach note to several of our colleagues working in this field within the last two days, we have already received indications that contributions will be coming in from a number of other countries. The next number in this series will be covering the situation in Canada and United States, with more to follow in the weeks ahead. We shall also be looking at city strategies for better understanding, providing for and the company useful car share projects which have their role to play.

What about you? Can you help us with our coverage of this important sector either through articles or references to people and publications that can usually be brought into this open collaborative effort? Please do not hesitate to get in touch to share your thoughts and reactions with me if your time and interest permit. You have my full contact information just below.

Keep your eye on car sharing and other sustainable transport surprises,

Eric Britton

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Selected references from World Carshare 2013/2014:

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–> Carsharing on World Streets: 2009 – present
–>World Carshare On Facebook
–>World Carshare On LinkedIn
–> Original World Carshare Website: 1997-2010
–> World Carshare Library
–> World Carshare News
–> Make it happen

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3 thoughts on “World Carshare Collaborative Surveys: 2013/2014

  1. Hi Eric – Like you I post articles of interest about carsharing and new mobility trends on Twitter @carsharing_us.

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