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In honor of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

And the excellent . . .

And the almost, the brave try that may not have made it

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PS. We make a real effort to identify and acknowledge our sources and give credit as appropriate.  But given the nature of the net this is not always possible. In such cases we can only thank the anonymous artists for sharing their vision of a corner of this world in which we all live.

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17 plus 1 reasons why I am prudently optimistic about the Climate/Mobility Transition for 2019-2020

Shortlist of Transformative Realities and Trends

eb-tallinn-statementOne of the great recompenses of having watched the sustainable transportation and related technology developments evolve over the course of several decades, is that if one takes the time to step back and scan the evidence for pattern breaks, one can readily spot a certain number of  trends, fundamental structural changes, quite a few of which bode well for a different and better future for transport in and around cities. Here are a handful of the fundamental underlying changes which I have spotted over the last decades and which I would like to share with you this morning.

Let’s start with a simple listing and then go on to brief comments in an attempt to clarify.

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