What about women as cyclists? Dilatory reflections, notes and world-wide perspectives from Nijmegen ECF 2017


What about women as cyclists at Velo-city 2017?

Benoit Beroud, Mobility Designed for All consultant at Mobiped, attended, the World Cycling Congress, which occurred in Nijmegen (Netherlands) last June. He shares his notes and comments with World Streets after reflection some inspiring thoughts  about women and cycling in their day-to-day lives.

“First impression was given by pictures of the website, program (see above), and flyers of the conference: set of various women cycling. And it is not a misleading advertisement.”

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draft for intl womean’s day 8 march??

To fix Sustainable Transport . . . Ensure Full Gender Parity in all Decision and Investment Fora  

And please note this: it is the ONLY way to get this important job done! To get the much needed results we need a hammer, not a paint brush. This leadership function cannot be passively sub-contracted to the other sex. World Streets and the New Mobility Agenda have since 1988 been vigorous proponents of full gender parity in all planning and decision counsel. In this section you will find a number of the articles that we have published arguing in favor of gender parity in recent years.

You may also wish to check out the supporting Facebook site here . * A good place to start is here – “To fix Sustainable Transport: Ensure Full Gender Parity in all Decision and Investment Fora (QED) “

Supporting References and Tools:
An open, self-organized multi-media toolset and extension of the original Dgroups site. Designed to complement, work in parallel with and not as a substitute for the original listserv. Over the last 13 years this open collaborative program has slowly pieced together an interesting set of tools and reporting media in support of the Women, Transport and Leadership (WTL) initiative. Here is how the toolset looks as of this date.

• Gatnet (Gender and Transport )1.0. https://dgroups.org/worldbank/gatnet/
• WTL 2.0 collaborative blog: https://gatnet.wordpress.com/.
• Gender issues on the Planners Bookshelf- https://goo.gl/wkWIDJ
• Gender issues Universal Search – https://goo.gl/EOjBpI . (Extends Dgroups Search engine)
• Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/groups/gatnet/
• LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8123470
• Twitter – https://twitter.com/e_gatnet
• Open Library – https://goo.gl/PiRO4Z
• Scholarly articles – https://goo.gl/vsI9eQ
• News – https://goo.gl/vMM3FY
• Videotec Library– https://goo.gl/6IdcHR
• Photo Library – https://www.facebook.com/groups/gatnet/photos
• GTL Member Map – https://goo.gl/FVaDGj
• The faces of Gatnet 2.0 235 Members – https://goo.gl/1dRMoY

PS. Is it easy to organize a conference or event on the topic of sustainable mobility and at the same time ensure full gender parity. Our field is substantially dominated until now (numerically if not qualitatively) by males – and that of course is one of the reasons why we are for the most part not doing a very good job at the thing we need to fix. It takes an effort on the part of the organizers to ensure full gender parity (me included by the way), but once you get the hang of it, it becomes natural and indeed satisfying. It is a higher state of social awareness and democracy. Now of course this does not solve the problems, but it gives us a great starting place.

So put this toward the top of your wish list for the rest of this year Gents. You may be uncomfortable to start with, but soon you’ll understand that you are doing the right thing.

Questions and comments to volunteer admin Eric Britton at eric.britton@ecoplan.org | Skype newmobility | tel. +336 5088 0787

Machine Translations for 2018 New Mobility Master Classes — (And other uses . . . with an invitation)

In the context of our 2018 online educational outreach program on New Mobility Master Classes – of which you can check out the initial work plan at https://wp.me/s1fsqb-7777 and https://www.facebook.com/NewMobilityMasterClass/ — we decided to look closely with the help of a handful of our colleagues working in different language environments at the potential for using Google Translate’s offer of immediate machine translation of your web site and with one click in to close to one hundred languages.

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MANAGING THE SAFE CITY TRANSITION: . . . . . Notes for a Thinking Exercise . . . . .

FB SC small jason and eb on steps

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______________ THE NEED FOR SAFE SPEEDS ______________ A Safe City Primer from the World Resources Institute

Peripheral vision loss (grayed area) of driver at 70 kph on city street. Graphic by: WRI. Notice anything?

  Four Surprising Ways Slower Driving Creates Better Cities

Text extracts from article from TheCityFix of 9 May 2016.  Full text and excellent  didactic graphics at https://goo.gl/9tydC6

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— Get ready for WTPP Volume 23.3&4 December 2017,

In which an even dozen outstanding international transport experts take on (and take apart) the Transport Infrastructure Zombie, limb by painful  limb.

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Safe cycling?


“City politicians around the world are in a race to make their cities “bike-friendly.” The more they succeed, the nastier things will get. . .  Cycling lanes consume more space than they free up, add to pollution and drain the public purse”

Mr. Lawrence Solomon, executive director of Urban Renaissance Institute, Source: http://business.financialpost.com/opinion/lawrence-solomon-ban-the-bike-how-cities-made-a-huge-mistake-in-promoting-cycling

Let’s have a look at what Mr. Solomon has to offer when he challenges our thinking on these issues. Your comments as always are more than welcome.

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