Brainstorming the Penang Transport Master Plan(s)

Penang MP Poster top illustrationDraft introduction: Welcome to a collaborative thinking exercise inviting  any and all who may have some questions about the focus, the vision and in the end the quality of future mobility services as being proposed and aggressively pushed by the state government of Penang. The central instrument for this group investigative process is a group of poster illustrations which combine simple images and a few telling words in order test our understanding of the Penang Transport Master Plan — all this as  prepared for the recent Gertak Sanggul Art Festival by Kin Yin and a group  of young collaborators (who will be identified shortly in the final section of this first presentation).

This young team has set out to challenge  our understanding of the PTMP (not an easy task), setting out the broad lines of the government program while at the same time asking some hard questions which need to be considered before any final commitments are made.

Your comments, reactions, questions?

You are invited to share your thoughts and questions on what you see here either (a) as a Comment, (b) alternatively via the supporting Facebook page at, or (c)  if you are participating in our great and rambling citizen WhatsApp conversation at, and from there either to the Sustainable Penang session, with copy if possible to me at +336 5088 0787. (The various illustrations are accompanied by section numbers, which may help you organize  your comments, clarifications, questions, challenges.)

Now let’s have a look at what the recent Gertak Sanggul Art Festival team have prepared to challenge our minds. Off we go!

1. What is the original PTMP Master Plan

Penang MP Poster 1

2. What was the original PTMP Timeline

Penang MP Poster 2

3. Comparison between Original (Halcrow and New SRS Plan

Penang MP Poster 3

4. The way to improving the present two-part Master Plan

Penang MP Poster 4

5. But is this the PTMP that Penang needs?

Penang MP Poster 5

6. Is it serving the needy?

Penang MP Poster 7

7. Imbalanced service proposals

Penang MP Poster 6

8. Projection problems

Penang MP Poster 9

9. And more projection problems

Penang MP Poster 8

10. Incomplete briefing documentation and discussion

Penang MP Poster 10

11. Missing ecosystem issues

Penang MP Poster 11

12. Unasked and unanswered questions

Penang MP Poster 12

# # #

Team behind the project:

The following information is incomplete and needs to be better organised. As soon as we have feedback  from the team we will edit and expand here  as they wish;

Partial listing:

  • Eng Bok – Oh My Penang! artist group leader & Gertak Sanggul Art Festival main organiser
  • Queen – Oh My Penang! artist group spokesperson:
  • Yong Kin Yin – PTMP banner designer:
  • Bo Juan – Urban Sketchers group leader

# # #

Additional background/references on this wide open collaborative project.

Key documents and libraries

Supporting Social Media

– – > Facebook
– – > WhatsApp
– – > LinkedIn
– – > Twitter
– – > Google +
– – > Academia Collection

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About the editor:

Eric Britton
13, rue Pasteur. Courbevoie 92400 France

Bio: Founding editor of World Streets (1988), Eric Britton is an American political scientist, teacher, occasional consultant, and sustainability activist who has observed, learned, taught and worked on missions and advisory assignments on all continents. In the autumn of 2019, he committed his remaining life work to the challenges of aggressively countering climate change and specifically greenhouse gas emissions emanating from the mobility sector. He is not worried about running out of work. Further background and updates: @ericbritton | | #fekbritton | | and | Contact: | +336 508 80787 (Also WhatApp) | Skype: newmobility.)

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