Homo Urbanus

man sleeping under sidewalk - top half only

Photographer unknown but picture relayed by Micha Walter, who writes (in German, of which  this is the Google translation):

“Homo urbanus” is the latest scientific findings. forerunner of modern “homo economicus”, considered the most radical species of hominid

man sleeping under sidewalk

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World Streets needs to be thinking about this as well as what we can see on our streets. This is our collective responsibility too.

In this “modern” world in which we live, we have grown accustomed to depending on a system of “expert thinking” about things, which ends up putting us in a kind of Cartesian fog. By slicing and dicing the issues and the “solutions” into ever more isolated and impermeable categories,  we lose sight of so many important things — of which this troubling photograph is a stark lesson.

But who looks under a street anyway?

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About the editor:

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