What happened with Kampala’s first-ever Car Free Day in 2011

It started like a dream, and became a reality. After the long awaited workshop in April this year, some major steps have been taken so far in Kampala. By the end of the workshop which was organized and financed by Kampala Capital City Authority in association with Goudappel Coffeng, Goudappel Africa and Iganga Foundation, a pilot project was prepared by the same partners. With its artistic impressions, Kampala looked like a heavenly city, with the people friendly infrastructure in place.

This called for another step which would bring the pilot project closer to the public, Kampala Capital City Authority and the policy makers. Thereafter, a great idea of the Car Free Day which sounded like even a bigger dream was seriously considered as a way of involving the general public in the process.

Several meetings were held by several nongovernmental organizations who partnered with Goudappel Africa through a public private partnership. Nobody ever imagined that we would get authorization with ease to carry out the first Car Free Day in Uganda.

To cut the never-ending success story, the big dream turned into a reality. This indicated that the residents of Kampala are yearning for an opportunity to have several and the most convenient means of transport. To the organizers, partners, funders, concerned planning authorities, and well wishers, this calls for celebration but also poses a challenge to get to bigger steps towards the process of sustainable urban transport.

Together, we shall get there.

* Click here for full report. Kampala Car Free Day 2011 Report current PDF

Amanda A. Ngabirano

Coordinator, Car Free Day, Kampala 2011
Managing Director, Goudappel Africa Ltd

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