Towards Car Free Cities. Guadalajara, Mexico, 5-9 Sept. 2011

The time to move towards carfree cities has come. We must come from the cities that we don´t know to the ones we belong to. Step by step moving onto the right way. To make a call up, to share this view and to open our own mind in order to have a better future for all of us, to find better ways to transport ourselves in a conscious way. It´s time to move on.

The tenth edition of the conference will take place in Guadalajara, Mexico, in September 2011, and is entitled “Building Carfree Cities for the People, by the People”. Guadalajara shows a pattern of development common to many cities across the world, particularly in the global South: a rapid increase in car use in the context of accelerated urban expansion, limited urban planning, privatisation of public space, unconsolidated local democracies and deficient land management.

This will be the second occasion that a TCC conference has taken place in Latin America (TCC VI took place in Bogotá in 2004). As well as an emphasis on liberating cities from cars so that people can once again be at the centre of their communities, the conference aims to empower civil society to campaign for policy reform. One of the main objectives is the sharing of experiences between people across the globe who have mobilised in their own communities in favour of ways of living which are environmentally sound, democratic, and that put forward alternatives to the consumer lifestyle which is leading us towards an energy and environmental crisis.

The Carfree Network Congress is a gathering that brings people from all over the world come along to share their ideas, work and examples of what they have been developing in their countries to make off of our cities a better place to live in. It happens once a year around the world. Its supported and created by the World Carfree Network through local organizations whom dedicated and passionate brings their very best to make it happened. This year is brough to you by Ciudad Para Todos and GDL en Bici AC.

Talks, lectures, projects, workshops and cultural events for a week (*simultaneous translation will be provided).

* Click here for conference program and details

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