The Equity Initiative: 2013

africa girls in trafficThe 2013 work program for The Equity Initiative is organized in five main parts:

  • World Streets
  • Presentations and workshops
  • City projects/Equity audits
  • Book
  • Media projects

(26 March: This page is still in draft. Come back shortly.)

For first background information on this collaborative programs, we suggest you start here, and then work your way down the links that you will find just to your left.

World Streets 2013 program

World Streets has since 2009 been looking closely at the issues of equity as a possibly major organizing device for more effective and fairer transport policy and practice in cities. For a comprehensive listing of all postings and references on the equity theme published here click to

More recently we have been developing a series of articles and reference pieces which are specifically intended to support the equity project over 2013, and in particular in support of the forthcoming book being prepared by the editor for publication in summer 2013. This considerably shorter listing is available at and being added to regularly.

Presentations and workshops

The Equity theme is getting more attention in transportation policy circles, both in the OECD countries and the developing world. It is still however for the most part unknown, at least from the perspective of a proposed major policy device. For this reason, the editor of World Streets, who is also the principle author of the equity book in progress, is being asked to provide presentations, workshops and seminars on the topic. For further information on organizing events, get in touch with the editor via the Contact link here –

City Projects/Equity audits

The first major collaborative city project in support of the Equity Initiative took place last year in Helsinki, the full results of which are available here at You can also access from the top menu item for the project with a special section on the Helsinki project postings and results.

We are presently discussing the possibility of several collaborative city projects for 2012, each building on what was done and learned in the Helsinki project, which involved no less than two full weeks in place, with strong support from the local host. Again, a perusal of the Helsinki information available here should help to make the procedure clear.


From this point on these are draft materials to be edited and entered into the final page. Thank you for your understanding.

Working draft of 25 March 2013 (under revision):

The goal of this open collaborative project and learning exercise, which spans the period January 2012 to December 2013, is to organize, hold and report on a series of public conversations in a small number of host cities on different continents, meeting with and seeking out  the views of a broad cross-section  of people, groups and interests who agree to brainstorm with us on  the concept of equity as a potential base for a new transportation paradigm and  strategy for the city.

This concept of creating a high-efficiency  equity-based transport system for your city is, if I may say so, an amazingly simple as well as effective approach to transport policy and practice, in that once you understand and accept the basic principle a huge number of other good things follow. (To summarise here.)

# # #

What kind of book?

If you want to have an advanced  taste for some of the content, approach  and the general voice of the book, you may want to consider clicking to which will all up a selection of articles and comments which are now in process for the final. Please understand that these are incomplete working drafts, and moreover that they are of uneven quality up to now. That is part of the challenge.

In the meantime, you may note when you call them up they are presented to you simply with the latest postings on top. Which of course is not the order in which they are being treated in the book now in process.

# # #


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