iceland Reykjavik handicapped group on street - 2

 Article by Hannah Dines, Extracts Reprinted from The Guardian ,  15 October 2019  . Picture – Disabled group being helped by caregivers. Reykjavik, Iceland. Thanks to Alamy. 

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change has done work on gender equality, using “gender focal points”, people who assist in gender-related decisions about the climate. But there isn’t a list of representatives with disabilities, though the outcomes of climate change negotiations will disproportionately affect us. The Paris agreement makes clear its obligation to disability and human rights, but will people with disabilities actually be involved in the discussion?

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This Week on World Streets: Weekly Digest, 10 March 2014

World Streets: The Politics of Transport in Cities

ws-newsstandEach week  subscribers to World Streets – presently numbering 5,407 from 149 countries on all continents – received a single mailing in the form of a weekly digest which briefly resumes all of the activity of the preceding week. Below you will find a listing of the articles published over the period 3-10 March 2014, during which we were hard at work on a series of carsharing projects.  In a world of information overload, this is a handy way to keep up on what is going on at the leading edge of the new Mobility Agenda..

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World Streets This Week: Edition of 30 May 2011

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From the editor’s desk

In addition to our (as yet not successful) continuing search for funding and support to ensure the future of World Streets, we got ourselves engaged in a major overhaul of the site itself. You are invited to check out the last week’s articles as well as our new look at Continue reading

World Streets This Week: Edition of 2 May 2011

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Another busy week on World Streets, with contributions coming in from the StreetFilms media group in  New York on parking strategies, on city cycling and empowerment of women in Dhaka, and on to the pressing matter of rethinking the finances of our entire operation so that we can continue to act as the world’s only fully independent, collaborative, worldwide sustainable transport daily/weekly publication and peer network.   But the buzz of the week was a series of exchanges resulting from an announcement of government support in India  for a really quite dubious proposal for a PRT Pod system for Delhi. Continue reading

World Streets Weekly: Edition of 4 April 2011

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This week’s titles:

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World Streets Weekly: Edition of 14 March 2011

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This week’s titles:

12 March: 2011 World Streets Bright Awards: City of Basel New Mobility Ticket
11 March: Honk: “Floating Parking” & Bike-Buffer Zones in New York City
9 March: Sustainable Transport and the Importance of Pattern Recognition
8 March: To fix Sustainable Transport: Ensure Full Gender Parity in all Decision and Investment Fora (QED)
7 March: World Streets Weekly: Edition of 7 March 2011

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World Streets Weekly: Edition of 7 March 2011

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This week’s titles:

4 March: What percent of your city’s street space is allocated to non-car uses

3 March: Master of None: The Lahore Transport Master Plan

2 March: Seize the moment: A “Street Code” for Porto Alegre

1 March: What can we learn from the murderous attack on cyclists in Porto Alegre on Friday?

28 February: World Streets Weekly:  Edition of 28 February 2011

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