Invitation to “Brussels”: European Citizens Mobility Forum on a New Mobility Paradigm, 23 March 2015

On the assumption that your plans may not have you in Brussels on Monday in time to join the meeting, but that you are nonetheless interested to follow the event and what might come out of it, this is an invitation for you to join the event as an “auditor”. In this capacity, all you […]

Convergence: Understanding the New Mobility Paradigm – European Citizens Mobility Forum, Brussels 23 March 2015

The purpose of this first exploratory workshop hosted by the European Citizens Mobility Forum (ECMF) is to solicit peer reviews, critical commentary and action recommendations on the part  of the expert participants on the ideas and proposals set out for the group by the invited speaker.  Observations and recommendations both from the vantage of their […]

Our Collaborative Book Project — and Why This Year We Want to Write Essays and Not the Usual “Term Papers”

Originally posted on Sustainable Development, Economy & Democracy:
- Professor Eric Britton, Lyon, 15 March 2015 Our Book: “ISG 2015 Reflects on Sustainable Development, Economy & Democracy” We have agreed on a plan of privately publishing our final written submittals for this year’s seminar in the form of a volume containing each individual contribution, together with an…

Op-Ed. “Taxis as we know them are expected to disappear”

All of the protests taking place at varying levels of violence in different parts of the world against Uber and Uber-like taxi and shared-transport services are definitely not just an example of a one-shot phenomenon that will resolve itself in different ways in different places,  and then shortly go away, leaving things largely as they always […]


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