Government, Civil Society and The Commons

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Democracy in the 21st century. To what extent can a “temporarily elected government” dispose at their will of large swaths of the natural, historical, environmental, cultural, social, economic, etc. , patrimony — “The Commons”, as […]

Penang: Peer exchange on PTMP tasks and accomplishments to date

We hear once again from Mr. Teoh Huey Hooi who comments on July 23 on the following graphic issued by the SRS team with government support. He tells us that “this comparison is obvious, Halcrow just a conceptual guideline, Penang Forum just opposing and did nothing. SRS is the most professional one.” Interesting interpretation, but let’s have a […]

Moldova New Mobility Dialogues: Getting around here

From: We try to make this site a friendly and efficient way to get around in what is already a considerable body of materials and tools, and which will only continue to grow as the program moves ahead. Here is what we have done. The keys to getting efficiently into the growing content of this […]

The Penang NGO Challenge Dialogue

The goal of this section of the S/P supporting websites is to provide easy access to anyone from within Penang or beyond in order to get a clear understanding of what is going on in the at-times painful path of contradictory  and withheld information on the topic of how best to go about creating a […]

Sustainable Transportation – 101 Things You Have to Keep Your Eye On

One of the reasons why such a small proportion of the world cities are working on having more sustainable transportation systems has to do with the fact that these are literally “complex systems”, a category of social and economic interactions which is far more complicated than laying down additional meters of concrete. A complex system […]

World Streets supports Sustainable Penang Transport Initiative

Last Minute News from Penang – 13 July 2016. 10:00 local time: 1.  Penang Forum today launched : Better, Cheaper, Faster Penang Transport Master Plan 2. Start with the sharp (hilarious) 2 minute introduction : 3. Now World Streets reader please sign  petition at                Click here to make […]

Penang – A Sustainable Transport Primer for a Battle of Ideas

Introduction In the coming weeks we are going to be presenting here coverage of a highly interesting public discussion of differences of perspectives, values and finally of interests, which have at its core the same concerns of World Streets and our readers: namely the challenges of sustainable development, sustainable transportation and the context of the politics […]

Is World Streets doing its job? (USA)

* We asked 100 international experts for their views.  101 have responded. Professor Elizabeth Deakin wrote… I am a regular reader of World Streets. I also pass along articles from the website to my graduate students. The work is of high quality and it puts us in touch with other researchers and practitioners in the field […]

Is World Streets doing its job? (The Netherlands/UK)

* We asked 100 international experts for their views.  101 have responded. World Streets needs to catch on before my feet get wet. – Dirk van Dijl Serial innovator Founder City Car Club Enterprise Britain The Netherlands/UK

Is World Streets doing its job? (Chile)

* We asked 100 world experts for their views – – and 101 responded Dr. Lake Sagaris World Streets offers an excellent information and exchange service to busy professionals and citizens’ organizations. We follow its postings closely and translate those most relevant into Spanish, for circulation on our Latin American network of sustainable and active transport enthusiasts, […]

Is World Streets doing its job?(USA)

* We asked 100 world experts for their views – – and 101 have already responded. I had some time and read through the World Street site yesterday at some length. What a great wealth of information and effort. I applaud your originality, energy and organization skills.  Congratulations, you are a force. You are the Darwin of […]

Is World Streets doing its job? (Canada)

* We asked 100 world experts for their views – – and 101 responded Chris Bradshaw of Ottawa, comments: I met Eric 20 years ago at the OECD Sustainable Transportation Conference in Vancouver. His passion and links to the other passionate and informed people was impressive from the start. The fact that this field continues to grow […]

Question to members of Penang Transport Council reviewing and evaluating SRS master plan documents

ON CYCLING: CYCLING: We have been exchanging in our several group fora in support of the Sustainable Penang project thoughts about plans and actions in favor of more, better and safer cycling for all in Penang. And of course by this we mean specifically cycling for day to day transport, cycling for men, women and […]

A Mayor’s-Eye View of Sustainable Transportation: Politics as the art of the possible

The letter that follows is, as you will quickly surmise, not an actual communication from one elected official in one case, but rather a composite, a distillation of experience that I have had over these last years of trying to push the sustainable transportation agenda in many parts of the world, almost always in conjunction […]

Feminism and Sustainable Development in the Ukraine

  I have just received a term paper from Iryna Poliukhovych, an International MBA candidate from the Ukraine, studying on a joint Erasmus program in Poland and Paris, on the topic of “Feminism and Sustainable development in Ukraine”, presented for my graduate seminar on Sustainable Development, Economy and Democracy – – at the Institut Supérieur de Gestion (Paris).  The report […]

Towards Sustainable Transport in Malaysia – What we already knew in 2001 and are steadfastly ignoring today

The Consumer Association of Penang organized a National Seminar on Changing directions from 7-10 September 2001  in Penang, subsequent to which a report was published and we now make  freely available here in its entirety at This is a remarkably prescient document which was largely ignored at the time despite the vigorous effort of the Consumers’ Association of Penang and […]

Penang Transport Master Plan (SDS version)

A “Big Bang” approach to a “Holistic” Penang The full content of the official Penang Transport Master Plan (SDS version) as available on 27 June 2016 is reproduced here for the convenience of our international visitors interested to follow progress . As indicated this is considered by local government as a living document, subject to extensions and updates. For the […]

IS WORLD STREETS DOING ITS JOB? (We asked 100 international experts for their views.)

Two boys were playing football in my street earlier this week. What a wonderful sight. Time to reclaim our World Streets!. – Dirk van Dijl, Netherlands 2641 calendar days have passed since World Streets opened its stacks for consultation on 31 March 2009.  And the results are there for all to see and judge: 1,599 original articles, 128 […]