More on Illich, Energy and Equity

Further to our recent posting on “Climate Change 101: Thinking about Illich, Energy and Equity” we have just received he following commentary from Chris Bradshaw (See author note below.) Eric, I used your post to re-read — after, I estimate, 25 years — this delightful essay. I own two copies, one which is part of “Towards a […]

From Streetsblog: Uber’s Making Traffic Worse

Uber’s Own Numbers Show It’s Making Traffic Worse by Stephen Miller, Streetsblog, New York City.  Wednesday, July 22, 2015 Uber blasted out an Excel spreadsheet to reporters this morning, accompanied by a story and editorial in the Daily News, with data providing a snapshot of how many Uber vehicles are on Manhattan streets south of 59th Street, New York’s […]

Greek Crisis:”Greece must sign a deal now”

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In the following op-ed, thirteen prominent economists of Greek origin from around the world call on Greece to sign a credible agreement with the Europeans immediately. Source:  What would be crucial elements of a good agreement? Excerpt: * Besides the fiscal issues of balancing the budget and making…

Climate Change 101: Thinking about Illich, Energy and Equity

In the context of ongoing work on a new book, “Toward a General Theory of Transport in Cities”, it is becoming increasingly clear to me that the starting point for policy and political decisions in the field often described as “urban transport” absolutely has to open up with considerations not of vehicles and infrastructure, technology and entrepreneurship, […]

Critiquing the Penang Transport Master Plan (2013-2030) s

The following  strategic commentary appeared in the form of a long letter responding to an invitation by the chief transport planner of Penang with the State Government Office to comment on a strategic presentation and commentary he was about to make at end year in Kuala Lumpur reflecting back on the  Penang Transport Master Plan (2013-2030) carried out […]

Greek Crisis: Selected international media coverage

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The following listing provides links to selected references from international  sources of high quality and with quite different points of view. Access to these sources are, as might be expected, quite uneven.  About half of them require that you pay or subscribe to access full text of particles.  But over these…

Greek government-debt crisis timeline *

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Essential reading from Wikipedia on this subject: This article contains the timeline of events for the Greek government-debt crisis which began in 2009 and is ongoing. During this period many changes have occurred in Greece. The income of many Greeks has declined, levels of unemployment have increased,…

The Financial Attack on Greece: Where Do We Go From Here?

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– by Michael Hudson, July 8, 2015 The major financial problem tearing economies apart over the past century has stemmed more from official inter-governmental debt than with private-sector debt. That is why the global economy today faces a similar breakdown to the Depression years of 1929-31, when…

Greek Crisis: Jean Tirole on Europe’s Future Is Federal

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– By Jean Tirol,Extracts from  Social Europe. 8 July 2015. – Numerous Europeans view Europe as a one-way street: they appreciate its advantages but are little inclined to accept common rules. An increasing number throughout the Union are handing their vote to populist parties – Front National, Syriza, Podemos…

Greek Crisis: Killing the European Project

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Killing the European Project By Paul Krugman. New York Times. JULY 12, 2015 Suppose you consider Tsipras an incompetent twerp. Suppose you dearly want to see Syriza out of power. Suppose, even, that you welcome the prospect of pushing those annoying Greeks out of the euro. Even if all…

Greek Crisis: Do German economists think like the German government?

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The present discussions in the media more often than not give us the sense that within the various countries concerned the thinking and positions are basically uniform and widely shared. (See our posting that looks into this,”Why all the Bitter Accusations from the North” – ) But…

Greek Crisis: Hans Werner-Sinn on Fixing the Eurozone

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Hans Werner-Sinn, a noted German economist and Professor of Economics and Public Finance at the University of Munich. He is also President of the Ifo Institute for Economic Research and serves on the German economy ministry’s advisory council. In this interview he talks about a disciplined but also radical and flexible…

Wikipedia coverage of Greek bailout referendum

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There is a remarkable information source on this brand new, fast breaking topic which was first put on line on 26 June by Wikipedia collaborator Dimboukas Here is how it looked on the morning of the 27th of June when the official announcement was made by Prime Mister Alexis Tsipras calling…

6 July Greek Crisis Endgame: The abyss stares back

If you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.  – F. Nietzsche On the early morning of 27 June when reading that the leader of the Greek coalition government, Alexis Tsipras, called for a national referendum to get the views of Greece’s population on the bitter on-going disputes with Europe and the IMF, and in particular whether […]

Greek Crisis: Paul Krugman on Ending Greece’s Bleeding

Ending Greece’s Bleeding  –  By Paul Krugman, NYT JULY 5, 2015. Full text here. Europe dodged a bullet on Sunday. Confounding many predictions, Greek voters strongly supported their government’s rejection of creditor demands. And even the most ardent supporters of European union should be breathing a sigh of relief. Of course, that’s not the way […]

Greek Crisis: As the polls close . . .

18:00, Sunday 5 July 2015 in Greece and the polls have just closed on this momentous day for democracy. The outcome of the unexpected but oh so important referendum will not be known for several hours yet.  So what better time to pour a glass of cool retsina white, sit down with some friends, and sort […]

Crisis Armistice : Greece and Germany take the duel to a higher level

It has been hard slogging over the last two weeks of what we hope has been balanced discussions about the economic and political crisis that is currently racking Greece, Europe and in fact the world, so before we move into our final stage of closing comment with the urns now open but before the votes are counted […]