Green Map of Reykjavík

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The Green Map of Reykjavík is a joint international project of, the Green Map® System, the city of Reykjavík and the University of Iceland. The goal of Green Maps all around the world is to make eco-friendly options in the fields of culture, commerce and travel services more visible and accessible to all. Green maps have been developed in over 600 municipalities, cities and neighborhoods in 55 countries. Iceland is the first country which classifies the whole country according to the Green Map system.

The printed edition Green Map of Reykjavík is the first of its kind here in Iceland and is based on the online version Green Map of Iceland here on which covers the whole country of Iceland with over 3.000 registrations in 100 categories.

Iceland greenmap center

Green Map is a living system and adjusts itself to the changes taking place in society. It is the hope of the publisher that green maps will become entirely unnecessary within a few years as green thinking will have become the rule, and not the exception, as it is now. Until then everyone is free to register on the Green Map of Reykjavík and the Green Map of Iceland as long as the activities of the person/company in question meets the conditions and criteria that are inherent in the Green Map system.

  • The Green Map of Reykjavík is labeled by the Nordic Eco-label the Swan, printed by the Eco-labeled printer Oddi.
  • The Green Map of Reykjavík can be picked up free of charge at the Visit Reykjavik Info Centre at Aðalstræti 2 or be ordered on the website for the cost of packaging and delivery.
  • The Green Map of Reykjavík is designed by Guðrún A. Tryggvadóttir & Signý Kolbeinsdóttir.

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About Green Map:

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The Green Map® System is a worldwide mapmaking project promoting citizen participation in sustainable community development. Using universal iconography with local knowledge we chart green living, ecological, social and cultural resources. Questionable companies and even dangerous sites for humans and environment are listed in special categories.

NEW! Green Map – South, a special app version for the South of Iceland.

The Green Map System consists of three groups, symbolizing the pillars of sustainability: Nature (green categories), Culture (orange categories) and Economy (blue categories). Select a category fitting your search.

Then you see the Green Map Icons; by clicking on them you’ll see all registered members in a list and on the map. For detailed information, click on each voice. Icons can be removed by clicking again.

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Background: The first Green Map of a whole Country!

Iceland’s Green Mapping story started in 2008 as an initiative of, an eco‐conscious network created by Guðrún Tryggvadóttir and Einar Bergmundur, two Icelandic nature lovers. is an independent website which has won one of the most prestigious environmental Icelandic prizes “Kuðungurinn”.

Our emphasis is on providing the general public with reliable information regarding matters such as our local environment, nature itself, health issues and companies working to create a sustainable future. In other words, our aim is to promote a more environmentally conscientious way of  life. We believe the Green Map project is a pragmatic, effective and attractive tool that helps us reach our goal. The Icelandic Green Map was the first one to map an entire country. Well, this is mainly because Iceland is such a tiny little pearl!

Our ideology at is based on collaborating with everyone who has something to offer in respect of nature and environment. Our mapmaking team is a multidisciplinary and multicultural group. We receive inputs and help from different experts, professors, volunteers, nature lovers of several different nationalities. Following a few years of gaining experience, and thanks to the collaboration of great people, we are now very proud to show the new version of Iceland & Reykjavík Green Map, both printed and online. is constantly seeking for new ways to inform the general public about environmental issues, this is one of the reasons why we have just renovated our website! The extensive amount of information highlighting the green and positive opportunities that Iceland has to offer in respect of nature, culture and economy is now available in five languages: Icelandic, English, German, Italian and French.

Green Map – Iceland. Production Nature is Ltd. 2014. Green Map® is a registered trademark of Green Map System, Inc. Green Map Icons © Copyright Green Map System, Inc. 2014. All rights reserved.

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