Department of Transport and Infrastructure, Government of Iceland

Reykjavik Iceland several cars on road at sunset

The Department of Transport and Infrastructure is responsible for preparing and implementing the Transport Policy Plan. Thereafter a fully developed proposal for a Transport Policy Plan is submitted to the Icelandic parliament Althingi for debate in the form of a parliamentary Resolution.
The Transport Policy Plan presents government policy regarding the operation and development of infrastructure, operation and development of public transport, transportation issues, domestic and international air transport and airports, maritime transport, ports and the operation and development of the road system.

The Minister and the Transport Board set out their preliminary emphases and proposals for projects and budgetary requirements. This is followed by extensive consultation with stakeholders, presentation meetings and finally a transport conference. Thereafter a fully developed proposal for a Transport Policy Plan is submitted to the Icelandic parliament Althingi for debate in the form of a parliamentary Resolution.

Transport safety is also the Department’s responsibility. Investigations of traffic accidents is aimed at revealing their causes, with the aim of reducing the risk of similar accidents and incidents and their consequences, and not to attribute responsibility or guilt.

Investigation of transport accidents is the province of Icelandic Transportation Safety Board (ITSB). The ITSB operates independently of the government and other investigative agencies, the public prosecutor and the courts. The Board is active in international collaboration and plays a key role in learning from the lessons of serious accidents and incidents.

The Department also maintains legislation on transport and communications, ensuring that it meets the current needs of Icelandic society. It participates in international transport co-operation and its tasks include transposing international obligations into national law.

Functions and principal tasks

  • Development of transport infrastructure
  • Aviation
  • Ocean transport
  • Road traffic
  • Public transportation
  • Transportation safetyDirector: Sigurbergur Björnsson
    Solvholsgata 7, 101, Reykjavik, Iceland E-mail: srn[at]

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