WITKART - mockup on river street.PNG

Hmm. It’s seems to be a . . . .   Hmmm.

Once you have identified it to your satisfaction, please send in your explanation here as a comment, or direct to thing@ecoplan.org

Thank you.


  1. I think it is a vehicle that you make moving forwards by moving the steering stick back and forwards, back and forwards, back and forwards etc. using your own energy only.

  2. From Michael Yeates Brisbane Australia 22/01/2019

    I never cease to be amazed by the flow of useful if challenging material you collate then present as a challenge. So this morning (Brisbane time) I was discussing today’s “what is it” challenge with my wife who has “enjoyed” our travels in the EU with a focus on cycling and access and public transport and urban planning and …

    As for that “what is it”, we decided it might be electric (solar?), it appears to have a seat, it appears to have joystick control, could possibly expand the distance between the two sections with wheels, and has a roof. Very difficult to tell how big or small it is so lets call it a “model” (in both senses) of a 4 wheeled mobility device – a car for an urbane city …


  3. Recalling that our target here is to find ways to reduce GHG emissions from our sector significantly, affordably and in a very short window of time — Better, Cheaper,Faster — does it help if I provide the following clue? Simply, Luud?

  4. What current vehicles and transportation functions could this replace/upgrade? Not on streets and highways in the North, a roof protects from some rain, but not for snow – I’m writing from Canada. So, an electric-powered low speed, sidewalk-using people transporter in California – a medical or university campus, a resort, etc… sort of a two-seater, four-wheeled Segway… good for people who can’t/won’t walk, cycle, … A Grad-student Industrial design thesis project.

  5. Prototype “White Car”?
    Wikipedia search led me to: Dutch Industrial Designer, Luud Schimmelpennink.
    The White Car
    Main article: Witkar
    In the mid-1960s, Schimmelpennink started work on another concept, the Witkar. Designed as environmentally friendly, non-polluting, safe, low speed city transport, the Witkar is a small three-wheeled electric shared car. The car is white, the name meaning White Car in Dutch. The initiative was one of the first working carshare projects in the world using specially developed technology and a formal carshare operational program. The Witkar was available on a subscription basis to certified members of an otherwise open public subscriber group. The Witkar cooperative opened to its users on 24 May 1968, and while it failed to get the political support needed to become a full scale, permanent part of the city’s transport landscape, it continued to offer service for its members until on October 27, 1986 when it was decided by the Witkar-association to dissolve itself.


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