World Streets Birdwatchers Guide To Dangerous Political Predators

Reflections on dangerous political predators on the prowl and a real menace to democracy, equity and the planet.
woman camera focusing bird watchers guide-smallerThere is a specific kind of nasty, dangerous, entirely selfish animal on the prowl, to be found in almost every country on this gasping planet, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. And I believe it would be to our great good fortune if we are somehow able to spot this species of villainous beast by recognizing its markings, its familiar, common signs. Know this and we can then go birding.

These predators prey on innocent voters with a variety of stratagems and disguises which have much in common, even when they are working in entirely different economic, social and political environments. They are a hardy and dangerous to democracy species.
Here are some of the common characteristics which seem to be part of the overall behavioral and representational pattern of these anti-social creatures. You put enough of the individual clues together in any given case and you just may have a pattern.
1. Their livelihood and position in society depend entirely on their political success and connections.

2. They have never, or rarely, made a notable social or economic contribution outside of the political arena.

4. They develop deep networks, and almost always as invisible as they can make them.

5. They are entirely opportunistic.

6. They are remorseless.

7. They neither use nor consistently respect scientific rigor.

8. Everything is up for grabs.

9. They love money, all while understanding that it is important to hide this great affection.

10. They love big expensive projects that give them an opportunity to rake off some of this money, either for their personal uses or to feed their political movement.

11. They are far more likely to be male than female (but there are no 100% guarantees)

12. They were not at the top of their class in a first rate university

13. They like big cars and showy life styles.

14. They dress carefully.

15. They take great care of their relationship with the media and feed them regularly.

16. They generally try to avoid open conflict (unless they are sure of winning at no cost).

17. One of their constant strategies is to confuse the public and their enemies) through obfuscation — throwing great masses of words to, effectively, drown the key issues.

18. They smile a lot.

19. When angered they quickly become aggressive and accusatory.

19. And even personally threatening.

21. They cultivate and take care of gangs of thugs who they use for shows of force or intimidation on call.

22. They often make use of the ethnic or racial card.

23. They are in general not LGBT friendly, unless they are trying to engage their support.

24. They lie as they breathe, and then if necessary correct themselves, generally without excuse and certainly no signs of remorse.

25. They assume that you and I are too stupid, or too afraid, to see through their ploy. (And they just may be right?)

Okay. I now invite you to take this apart point by point. Add, subtract, obliterate as you think best. And let us bear in mind that we are not talking about a specific person or country here, we are looking at and for a species. A species posing a huge menace to democracy.

*For more background: About Transparency International at



About the editor:

Eric Britton
13, rue Pasteur. Courbevoie 92400 France

Bio: Founding editor of World Streets (1988), Eric Britton is an American political scientist, teacher, occasional consultant, and sustainability activist who has observed, learned, taught and worked on missions and advisory assignments on all continents. In the autumn of 2019, he committed his remaining life work to the challenges of aggressively countering climate change and specifically greenhouse gas emissions emanating from the mobility sector. He is not worried about running out of work. Further background and updates: @ericbritton | | #fekbritton | | and | Contact: | +336 508 80787 (Also WhatApp) | Skype: newmobility.)

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