World Streets Reader Favorites: 2009-2016

ws-newsstandWhat do the 4,448  readers (today) turn to when they check into Word Streets in the morning? It never fails to surprise us. The variety of choice is enormous, and it often happens that articles which we consider minor if still interesting suddenly take off, because it turns out that our readers make up their own minds for their own reasons. Take the most read posting over the last half-dozen years for example — Why Free Public Transport is perhaps a bad idea.  We thought it was an interesting and timely topic, but never suspected the depth of interest and that in time it would attract more than ten thousand readers. And what is more continue to show up on the most read list day after day.

In any event once a year we sit down and review the most popular articles going all the way back to the first one published in March 2009, and share the top contenders with our readers and anyone who might be curious about what sort of thing shows up here. In this spirit you will find below the most consulted articles of more than 1,720 that have appeared in these pages. These are the issues that our 4,455 readers in 149 countries on all continents show they care about.

To get a yet more compete idea of what our readers care about, take a tour of the World Streets Online Facebook page at, where at present some 1,011 readers have signed in to follow the flow there.

Now let’s have a look at the Top Twenty:

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Most read World Streets postings since 2009

  1. Why Free Public Transport is perhaps a bad idea
  2. Going down? Newman and Kenworthy on Peak Car Use
  3. To fix Sustainable Transport: Ensure Full Gender Parity in all Decision and Investment Fora (QED)
  4. Paris to limit speeds to 30 km/hr over entire city
  5. Honk! City of the Future? (Have a stupid weekend)
  6. A “Better than Car” Mobility System
  7. Sustainable Transport and the Importance of Pattern Recognition
  8. Is World Streets doing its job? (We asked 100 international experts for their views.)
  9. Go Lillestrøm! Pedestrians and cyclists receive “reverse toll money” in Norway
  10. The Three Worlds of Cycling
  11. Energy and Equity – Ivan Illich.
  12. Car Free Days: Thursday: A breakthrough strategy for reducing car dependence in cities
  13. Happiness: The Transformative Role of Sustainable Transport
  14. UK High Speed Rail: Going very fast in the wrong direction
  15. World Streets International Advisory Council
  16. Cycling as the catalyst for more human and sustainable transport
  17. About the editor: Eric Britton
  18. Toward a new paradigm for transport in cities: Let’s see what Carlos Pardo has to say
  19. Penang Institute comments the Penang Transport Master Plan
  20. Car Free Days I: Origins  Timeline   Progress

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And just behind them:

  1. What can we learn from the murderous attack on cyclists in Porto Alegre on Friday?
  2. Poynton Regenerated: A transformative Shared Space project
  3. Carsharing on the rise in the Netherlands (Act 1)
  4. The New Mobility Agenda gets a hearing in Barcelona with a “Come argue with me” session
  5. World Streets Mission Statement
  6. The P2P carsharing saga continues: The WhipCar story
  7. Locked in Suburbia: Is there life after Autopia?
  8. How the Dutch failed to destroy their cities (Act 1)
  9. 233 Years of History of the Bicycle
  10. Tragedy of the Commons: The car as enclosure
  11. Bicycling to Solve Traffic Congestion in Penang
  12. Carsharing in Germany: 2014 Perspectives
  13. Autolib’ – Paris bets big on new carshare technology
  14. Transit-Oriented Development – Tokyo-style
  15. Start Here: Getting around
  16. Delhi Metro – A Transport Planner’s Perspective
  17. The Mayor of Paris invites you to leave your car in the garage
  18. WhipCar closes down P 2P carsharing operation in Britain. What does it mean?
  19. Weekend musing: The bicycle helmet rears its ugly head
  20. Let’s have a look at the Copenhagenize Index for Bicycle Friendly Cities
  21. Zero Fare Public Transport in Tallinn shows a way
  22. They’re Back Again: The World Naked Bike Ride
  23. Hangzhou – View from the saddle of one of China’s most liveable cities.
  24. Sustainable transport in Delhi and Stockholm
  25. Short report on carsharing in Amsterdam (From Going Dutch/Carshare Strategies project)
  26. Honk! “Straddling” Bus? (Have a stupid weekend)
  27. Electric Cars: Time to level the playing field
  28. North American Carsharing Trends:
  29. What is an Equity-Based Transport System?
  30. When English is not enough?
  31. Weekend reading: How do the Dutch get out of a car?
  32. Op-Ed: Toward More Prosperous Cities
  33. Bike-Sharing: State of the European Union report
  34. Remembering Donald Appleyard
  35. At Any Cost? The hidden costs of charging for public transport
  36. Towards Carfree Cities X: What happened in Guadalajara?
  37. Ten reasons why I really hate bicycles (and cyclists) in cities.
  38. Public transport riders wide open to infection by parasites and viruses
  39. The Mobility Complex: John Whitelegg lights a fire.
  40. The Walkmobile approach to understanding transport
  41. Welcome to World Streets Worst Practices Department
  42. Seize the moment: A “Street Code” for Porto Alegre
  43. Car Crazy: Lee Schipper on the Perils of Asia’s Hyper-Motorization
  44. Saudi women can now legally bike in public (under certain conditions)
  45. Corbusier-Free Cities
  46. Kaohsiung Papers: Will Carsharing Work in China?
  47. On the road with one of Cairo’s first female taxi drivers
  48. Why cycle rickshaws should be driven from the street. (And what it means for mobility  environment   equity and the wellbeing of hundreds of thousands of hard working people and their families)
  49. Bodhisattva in the metro
  50. In homage to Lee Schipper
  51. Dead End in Brazil? Interview with O Globo Brazil.
  52. Helsinki: Toward a “Better than car” transportation system
  53. World City Modal Split Database: An invitation
  54. John Pucher reports on “City Cycling”
  55. Editorial: Do monorail projects deserve fair treatment? Part I: Building knowledge and consensus via the internet
  56. America’s Amsterdam? – Work in progress on the bike front in the Home of the Brave
  57. Bike sharing project at Makerere University Kampala Uganda
  58. Dutch cycle infrastructure quality drives one cyclist crazy
  59. Sustainable Transport and the Importance of Pattern Recognition
  60. European City Modal Split Database: An invitation
  61. Sempé: A Short History of Social Mobility
  62. PRT proposal for Delhi convinces the Chief Minister (But does it convince you? See poll results)

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About the editor:

Eric Britton
13, rue Pasteur. Courbevoie 92400 France

Bio: Founding editor of World Streets (1988), Eric Britton is an American political scientist, teacher, occasional consultant, and sustainability activist who has observed, learned, taught and worked on missions and advisory assignments on all continents. In the autumn of 2019, he committed his remaining life work to the challenges of aggressively countering climate change and specifically greenhouse gas emissions emanating from the mobility sector. He is not worried about running out of work. Further background and updates: @ericbritton | | #fekbritton | | and | Contact: | +336 508 80787 (Also WhatApp) | Skype: newmobility.)

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