And into this happy world slipped a letter.  And a kind invitation.

Fam Mouse - page 2

Who wrote Family Mouse:

Family Mouse has no author. It has a troika.

eb back of head 2007Eric Britton is a sustainability activist, mediator, teacher, and managing director of EcoPlan International in Paris.  In addition to serving as project leader for what eventually because the Family Mouse book, also developed the original concept, assembled the team, financed, wrote the scenario and did what he could to manage the creative and at times obstinate troika behind the final happy printed pages. More on Eric at –

Wolfgang Zuckermann at work

Wolfgang Zuckermann, at the time a senior researcher and writer at EcoPlan, started as the original “talking partner” for the eventual concept that Britton was pushing around and then imposed himself as the lyricist (a decision which I never regretted).  He also took responsibility for finding and coordinating with our eventual publisher, Lutterworth Press. (More on the remarkable Wolfgang at and )

Roger TweedtRoger Tweedt, illustrator and sparring partner, found his way to the soul of the simple little tale we all three had at the back of our minds. Roger is a professional artist and illustrator and has been an American in Paris since 1976. He proposed that the images for each page be large, colorful and calm, to engage the curiosity and eye of the children, both those who can read it themselves but also so that smaller children can savor the images when a parent reads the book. You can contact Roger at

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The FM story in a baker’s dozen pages

  1. Part 1 at 
  2. Part 2 at
  3. Part 3 at

(Rest to follow)

Family Mouse behind the Wheel. Lutterworth Press. 1992. ISBN 0-7188-2834-8

Fam Mouse - Eric in meeting

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