World Streets reporting from Johannesburg EcoMobility 2015


Why is World Streets on the lookout independent critical appraisals of what was going on in the ambitious Johannesburg EcoMobility festival that took place over the entire month of October 2015, as well as forwarding information about reports issued by the organizers?

Specifically to have a balanced “Citizens’ Eye View” of the concept and its actual performance on the streets of the city during that challenging month-long public test.

What we all knew from the beginning was that this was and is part off a very challenging PROCESS, and it is important to see it as such. As one particular in-place independent expert points out, in all this there is good and less good. (See World Streets Op-Ed: Sandton Ecomobility Month – More Ambition Needed.)

But the author of that piece also makes the important point that: THE CITY OF JOHANNESBURG CAN PAT ITSELF ON THE BACK FOR ONE BIG THING. THEY STARTED SOMETHING.

# # #

KAOHSIUNG 2017: And all of this is particularly important for the City of Kaohsiung who in two short years is going to offer the world its own month-long daring project and example. And one thing that is wonderful about this connected world is that all this gives us a chance to learn from each other.

* From World Streets coverage of EcoMobility 2015
* For latest media coverage of event:

taiwan kaohsiung panoramaKaohsiung City Skyline

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