Make Way for Buses – Delhi India

Campaign Meeting, Delhi India, Saturday, April 25

INdia Delhi Make way for buses campaign

World Streets strongly supports this important citizen initiative and congratulates the organizers.

* Details at

This is our most important meeting. It seems from statements by the Delhi Deputy Chief Minister that the government has made its mind on scrapping the BRT project. We invite ideas and suggestions on what the campaign should do now to prevent this, and to take the conversation on improving public & non-motorised transport in the city of Delhi forward.

The draft agenda of the meeting is:

1. Review until here
2. Meeting the government – what’s our strategy
3. Seems like they have decided that they want to scrap the BRT – should we hit the streets?
3.1 Parcha
3.2 Cycle Rally
3.3 Signatures by people on their bus tickets, to support our charter of demands, which we submit to the Delhi government (We will have to collect signatures on bus tickets when people disembark)
3.4 Photos from the streets which we share on social media
3.5 Charts and graphs for social media
4. Anything else

We invite you to come. As always, we promise snacks, and since summer is here, lots of cold water. See you!

If you have trouble reaching the venue, use the google pin: (if you are still lost, call Aashish at 9871116763)

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