Spring Break: Happy City Weekend on World Streets – Part 1

Happy City Gorton interview NYC

Author Charles Montgomery Talks “Happy City” with Mark Gorton, Philanthorpist and public servant

Mark Gorton interviews award-winning journalist Charles Montgomery about his new book “Happy City: Transforming Our Lives Thru Urban Design,” which delves in to the hard-to-measure metric of happiness and how the built environment of the place we live directly affects us.

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More on Happy City from World Streets:

Happy City: The Transformative Role of Sustainable Transport – http://wp.me/psKUY-3RH

Happy City/Lab – http://thehappycity.com/

* Charles Montgomery talks Happy City on TEDx – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WiQUzOnA5w

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About the author:

Charles Montgomery in trafficCan the shape of a city make or break the happiness of its inhabitants? From the field of happiness studies award-winning journalist and urban experiment specialist, Charles Montgomery, seizes on the finding that people are relatively poor at making choices that maximize their own well-­being. From the growing literature on urban design, he infers that the way cities are built is a powerful influence on mood and behavior. Hence his conclusion: If city planners and developers paid more attention to the growing body of knowledge about happiness, they could create cities that enhance the contentment of those who live in them.

For Montgomery, the city is a “happiness project” that exists in part to corral our conviviality and channel it productively.  His award-winning book, Happy City, examines the intersection between urban design and human well-being. He and his team use workshops, presentations, interactive social experiments and interdisciplinary strategies to help people better their cities—and themselves. www.thehappycity.com

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About Streetfilms:

 Streetfilmshttp://www.streetfilms.org/ — produces short films showing how smart transportation design and policy can result in better places to live, work and play. Founded in 2006, Streetfilms has become the go-to organization for educational films about sustainable transportation, and inspires action and behavioral change worldwide. Individuals, public agencies, non-profit organizations, schools, and transportation advocacy groups use Streetfilms to educate decision makers and make change for livable streets in their communities.

Streefilms is produced by OpenPlans, a 501c3 non-profit organization. We are funded by foundation grants, sponsorships and advertising, and through generous donations from readers like you

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About the editor:

Eric Britton
9, rue Gabillot, 69003 Lyon France

Bio: Educated as an international development economist, Eric Britton is an American political scientist, teacher and sustainability activist who has worked on missions and advisory assignments on all continents. Professor of Sustainable Development, Economy and Democracy at the Institut Supérieur de Gestion (Paris), he is also MD of EcoPlan Association, an independent advisory network providing strategic counsel for government and business on policy and decision issues involving complex systems, social-technical change, civil society and sustainable development. Founding editor of World Streets: The Politics of Transport in Cities | See Britton online at https://goo.gl/9CJXTh and @ericbritton

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