At a Hard Time: The Metrics of Well-Being.


Paris, 7 January 2015

What is happiness? What is well-being?  What should we be targeting for our societies? It is important for active citizens in a participatory democracy (there is no other) that we come to a broadly shared vision of where we want to go, a straight-forward consistent strategy for how to get there, and some kind of measure so that we can see how we are doing.  Sad to say all three are  are lacking today and  we all are paying a high price for it. And if anything especially today.

je suis charlieListening ot the radio a few hours after the murderous attack  at Charlie Hebdo, I turned on my computer to find a short essay by Sandra Waddock, Professor of Management at Boston College, to an on-going discussion of “The Degrowth Alternative” currently underway under the aegis of a program of the Tellus Institute, The Great Transition Initiative –   (Prof. Waddock can be contacted…

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Cars in China Today: What does this little picture say to you?

This little picture gives us a few ideas about cars in China today.  Important if we bear in mind that today is the first day of the future.

China traffic third Beling ring road - all new and clean

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