World Streets on Public Bicycle Systems and City Cycling

i feel good todayThe “humble” bicycle has a major role in 21st century cities, large or small, North or South, rich or poor. Getting city cycling right is a matter of high priority when it comes to local and planetary environmental impacts, solid economics, affordability, fossil fuel and resource savings, public health, equity, democracy and quality of life. For all of those of our cities around the world who have over the last decades bought into the car-plus-speed lifestyle without giving it much thought, getting this transition right is a significant technical, social and political challenge.

Fortunately there is a large and fast expanding base of experience and information on the topic, which should guarantee success for all those who are not too lazy or in too much in a hurry to do their homework properly and lay a successful base for their project.

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Janet Larsen, Earth Policy Institute. April 2013

World Streets has been covering the scene world wide since 1998.  So  if you click to today, you will find more than 140 articles and sources which can help in the move to more and better cycling in your city.

And for Public  Bicycle Systems in particular try

So before you spend one penny of precious taxpayer money for a project you are considering, it would be a pity not to take advantage of the lessons of experience accumulated by so many other cities and groups around the world. — more than 500 cities in 49 countries host bike-sharing programs, with a combined fleet exceeding 500,000 bicycles, (Earth Policy Institute, 2013). Most of these projects are at best adequate, but a few are truly excellent. Look at them, learn from them and let them be your guide.

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The Bike-sharing World Map

To get a more detailed feel for the places and ways in which these PBS systems are coming on-line around the world, take a look at this map by

which shows real-time bike usage by more than 110 cities world-wide — (This map is maintained by Russell Meddin: & Paul DeMaio:

world bike map lau demaio 5aug14

If you go the live map you can scroll for more details.  But here just to give a feel for the situation in Asia, is what you see when you scroll there today..

world bike map Paul demaio Asia 5aug14


You care considering a public bicycle system in your city?  There is no justifiable  reason not to be excellent

Credit, bicycle graphic: Niels Buschke of Santiago Design –

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