World Streets and the Fine Art of Governance

Search by topic - governanceIn order to help the reader find appropriate articles and references on identified important themes from our commodious library of postings and comments, World Streets offers a handful of Search Engines of different types. One of these that you will see to your immediate right here, allows the reader to search according to various keyed topic areas, of which approximately one hundred have been identified thus far. One of the more consulted of these categories is that of “governance”.

Governance, in our read of the evidence, refers to the fine art of directing public policy to specific ends. Governance can be bad, as all too often can be the case, and indeed it is important to be aware of the conditions and pitfalls which lead to bad governance. Good governance, really creative, visionary and positive action in the public interest over time, is rare but absolutely essential for the transition to sustainable cities and sustainable lives.

Good governance provides the firm backbone of good government, referring to the actions and processes by which stable practices and organizations arise and persist.  Equity, resilience, discipline, dialogue, transparency, choice and continuity are key elements of good governance. (Which certainly goes a long way to explaining why it is still a rare commodity in this short-term world.)

In World Streets we give continuous attention day after day to bringing to our readers’ attention examples of good governance — and we look for and at them at the three main levels of government: international, national and local. Because the great majority of all decisions concerning transport and public space are led (or at least should be) by local government, as the principal of subsidiarity wisely suggests, that is where we direct the greater part of our efforts and attention.

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Eric Britton
9, rue Gabillot, 69003 Lyon France

Bio: Trained as a development economist in the doctoral program of the Graduate Faculty of Economics of Columbia University, Eric Britton is MD of EcoPlan International, an independent advisory network providing strategic counsel for government, business and civil society on policy and decision issues involving complex systems, climate/energy strategies, social-technical change and sustainable development. His latest work focuses on the challenges of equity, economy and efficiency in city transport and public space, and helping governments to ask the right questions and find practical solutions to these issues. Distinguished Professor of Sustainable Development at the Institut Supérieur de Gestion, his forthcoming book, “CONTRADICTIONS: Toward a General Theory of Transport in Cities”, is being presented, discussed and critiqued in international conferences, master classes, peer reviews and media events over 2015. - - > More:

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