Guess who is looking for New Mobility ideas in May 2014


Map showing location of readers consulting World Streets in the last week.  Can you find yourself there?

The interest in the European Union, North America,  India, Australia as well as a sprinkling of other Asian countries is generally Business as Usual as we have seen the general pattern in the last years. The role of the European Union in supporting car free days and,  more importantly,  other forms of new mobility innovation is extremely important and provides a standard of reference  that  we would like to see in many other countries and parts of the world.

The former countries of the Soviet bloc are clearly not ready, though it will be good to see them in due time.  While China is an anomaly, since there is really quite a high level of state and city support of Car Free Days; though as a result of blocking of many Western Internet sources, we are not seeing them on the map.

The great joy, the great welcome surprise of this latest map is that, in contrast with the dominant pattern of these last years, we are starting to see interest in Africa. That is splendid news, not so much in terms of car free days per se, but rather as an indication of slowly mounting  interest in alternative approaches to improving mobility and quality of life in  African cities.

Finally, as we look at this map with  the information that it conveys about this  particular form of  transportation and social innovation,  what strikes this reader is the  opportunity for national and international government agencies to  at least have a thought out strategic policy  concerning  where all this might lead to.

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One thought on “Guess who is looking for New Mobility ideas in May 2014

  1. I would lime to think you also collaborate with the public transport specialist Jarrett Walker at Human Transit Getting Jarrett’s bulletins is definitely worth while.


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