Reading World Streets in Translation

Have you ever had the opportunity to meet someone who has a lot to say about translation globe - ineedtranslationsthings that interest you very much, but who does not particularly well master your best language. What happens? Well, it depends on your personality type. Many people, perhaps most of us, would probably find it just too uncomfortable to try a real conversation, so after a bit of time either move respectfully into a mutual silence or venture to make a simple point from time to time on the grounds that this is about the best you can do.

Another possibility for the intellectually more ambitious is to see if between the two of you can establish a common means of communication, and then against that “common language” start to dig into matters of mutual interest. This requires a certain level of patience combined with mutual detective work on both parts and quite a bit of silence for mulling things out, but if you are willing to go that route there can be rich rewards.

This is all by way of saying that the Google translations of World Streets which are available here at one click require at least three things: (a) that you are interested in the topic, (b) that you are willing to be a bit of a detective in dealing with obvious erroneous translations or words, and (c) that you use the occasion to light a fire in your own intelligence.

If what you are looking for is Shakespeare, Molière, Cervantes or Goethe, you are advised to keep moving. But if you have that spark of interest and the patience which is anyway needed to deal with the complex and often contradictory topics which are treated in these pages, you may have a useful ally.

Click Language Editions in the top menu and select the language of your choice.

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