Support World Streets and the New Mobility Agenda

World Streets is an open collaborative public interest program. We are entirely dependent on the support of contributors, authors, readers, subscribers and others who share our deep concerns about sustainable transportation, sustainable development and social justice. Subscription is free for all, and as a matter policy we do not accept advertising. We count on your counsel and support to be able to continue to do our part in 2014 and beyond.

– – – > We asked 100 experts for their views – – and 101 responded.

– – – >  And if you need any further convincing you may wish to click to the State of World Streets: 2009-2014 message of 31 March 2014

World Streets is a public interest publication which, as a matter of policy, we make freely available to all who are looking to understand, support, and contribute to the sustainability agenda anywhere in the world. We firmly believe that there should be no barriers, and especially not commercial ones, to the free circulation of news, tools, counsel and peer exchanges when it comes to important issues of sustainable development and social justice.

For those who use it and can afford it, we ask that you step up to do your part. If you bear in mind that our bare bones operating costs are in the area of USD 5,000.00/month, you get an idea of the magnitude of the challenge. But don’t be shy, your contribution, large of small, is an important vote of support for all involved.

How to transfer funds:

Payment via PayPal or credit card is simple and fast:

(1) Click
(2) Enter your account (or set one up quickly and safely as indicated).
(3) Click “send money”.
(4) Address: For Euros: For US Dollars:
(5) Amount.
(6) Click “Personal”.
(7) Click “Gift”.
(8) Thank you for helping World Streets to continue in 2014.

PayPal also has provision for paying by credit card. It is fairly well explained on the site.

For direct bank wire transfers:

Account Holder: Association EcoPlan International
Account no. 00010465401
Crédit Industriel et Commercial de Paris
Succursale BR (Montparnasse)
202 Blvd. Raspail / 75014 Paris, France
IBAN : FR76 3006 6106 2100 0104 6540 105

If you prefer to send a check direct our mailing address is:

Association EcoPlan International
9, rue Gabillot
69003 Lyon, France

Kindly make your check payable to “Association EcoPlan International”.

Another way to support world streets

Here is something you could do that would be an enormous help. And that is to work with us to identify and develop a working  contact with foundations, NGOs or public agencies that share our concerns. This is something that thus far in these first five years we have not been very successful with. So if you can lend a hand, that would be an enormous contribution.

# # #

Thank you for considering supporting  our work and contributions. (And keep on reading and, why not?, writing for World Streets)

Eric Britton
Managing Editor

about the editor 21dec13


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