World Carshare/Going Dutch: Open Library for collaborators

canada carshare logoAn informal shared library has been set up in support of this group project for the KpVV to serve collaborators and contributors – in the form of a Dropbox file which you can find at

The Going Dutch library is available on invitation, and if you have not received one yet please just drop us a line at In the event we have not already been in contact, it would be appreciated if you would add a few lines of background as well as identifying yourself and your eventual interest in new ways of owning and using cars.

Since this is work in progress and in many cases is still extremely rough, we would ask that you respect the confidentiality of the materials.

Finally, the reason we are putting these online is because we are interested collecting a wide range of critical comments, information, ideas and suggestions from our colleagues who were working on various aspects of the carsharing and sustainable transportation agenda in countries around the world. As always this is a collaborative project. 

Do you need a Dropbox account to join a shared folder?

Short answer: yes. And it is free.

When you receive an invitation to our shared folder for Going Dutch, please note that you do need to have a Dropbox account to access it. (This is because the files in a shared folder are synced between members Dropbox members.)  This is no big deal: To sign in, all you have to do is click to and sign in. It takes about 5 minutes. And, as is noted, it is free.

If you don’t have a Dropbox account registered to the email address where you received the invitation, you’ll need to either create one with that email address or ask us to send a new invitation to the email address for your existing Dropbox account.

If you have any questions, contact eric Britton at,  T. +336 5088 0787. Or Skype: newmobility 

To receive a copy of the final report, please get in touch with the project manager:

Friso Metz, Projectmanager mobiliteitsmanagement
Kennisplatform Verkeer en Vervoer (KpVV)
B  Galvanistraat 1, 6716 AE Ede | B Jaarbeursplein 22, 3521 AP Utrecht
T  +31 (0)30 291 8209  | M  +31 (0)6 20 54 39 02  I

– – – > For more on the Going Dutch project –

– – – > And for World Streets on Carsharing

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About the editor:

about the editor 21dec13

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