Towards a deprivatisation of car ownership

Norway Vibeke june 2013 ppt

Why focus on carsharing – just now?

  • Carsharing has since long been (solely) a small-scale niche product
    • started in Switzerland early after WWII, mainly economically motivated (car access to more people);in Norway as a member-based NGO since 1995
  • Now – some new expectations, new requirements and new questions:
    • What are required for carsharing to ’take off’ and being a clear alternative to use of private cars?
    • How can carsharing contribute in reducing traffic and emissions?
    • What is the role of innovative collective mobility services – while we are waiting for the investments and constructions of public transport infrastructure?
    • What is the role of carsharing as a deprivatisation of mobility – from car as a product to car as a service?

Carsharing diagram NOrway

– – > Click here for June 2013 PowerPoint presentation

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About the author:

Vibeke NensethVibeke Nenseth is a Senior Researcher – Sociologist, in the Department of Safety and Environment, of the Norwegian Center for Transport Research. among her interests are environmental knowledge development and developing interdisciplinary approaches to knowledge building and understanding of the challenges of sustainability and society.

The Norwegian Center for Transport Research, TOI is the national institution for transport research and development. It was established in 1958 by the Royal Norwegian Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, and became an independent non-profit research foundation in 1986.

Its sphere of activity includes most current issues in road, rail, sea and air transport. The Institute’s main objectives are to: be a national centre for transport research, co-operate on research projects with other organisations in Norway and at an international level, disseminate research results, contribute to high professional standards in the transport sector. The Institute has normally at least 200 projects in progress at any time.

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