Sustainable Penang: Calendar of Main Events

fb-penang - watercolor 28aug13

 Calendar of main public events and invitational workshops

(Full documentation available on events at

 Date   Event

22/9. World Car Free Day

23/9. Focus Group 1. Media Partners

23/9. Focus Group 2. Automotive Industry

24/9. Eric Britton:  Inaugural University Lecture  on Sustainable Penang

24/9. Focus Group 3  Academia/University/Research/School

24/9. Sustainable University Dialogue  (Invitational)

25/9. Focus Group 4. Transport Operators

25/9. Focus Group 5. Professional Associations

25/9.  Focus Group 6. Civil Society

26/9.  Focus Group 7. Regulators, Police, Planners

26/9.  Focus Group 8. Non-Motorized Transport

28/9.  Focus Group 9. Hacking Sustainable Penang

30/9.  Focus Group 10. Women, Gender Balance and Leadership.

30/9.  Master Class 1 (Sustainable Development, Economy and Society)

01/10.  Municipal Council Peer Dialogues (MPSP) (Invitational)

01/10.  Master Class 2 – (Toward a New Mobility Agenda)

02/10.  Municipal Council Peer Dialogues (MPPP) (Invitational)

02/10.  Master Class 3 – (Action measures and projects for 2013/14)

03/10.  Symposium: State of the Environment in Penang

03/10.  Master Class 4 – Preparing for 2015 Penang  conference: Implementing Sustainable Transport in Smaller Asian Cities

04/10.  Peer Dialogue with Penang Transport Council (Invitational)

05/10   State of Sustainable Penang Message: 2013-2015

* * The latest version of the calendar is available  as a shared Dropbox library at

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