Sustainable Penang: Toward a New Mobility Agenda Program Announcement of 3 Sept. 2013

fb-penang - 28aug13

* The latest version of this program note is available  as a shared Dropbox library at

In brief: Sustainable Penang 2013 is a two-week long civil society program of collaborative dialogues, symposia, master classes, workshops and supporting public events, with the goal of creating a stronger base of local support in favor of a more sustainable transport system to better serve the people of George Town and Penang .  The program is hosted by THINK CITY and numerous local partners, in cooperation with EcoPlan International.

Schedule: Opens on Monday 22 September and closes on Saturday 5 October.

Main events:

  • World Car Free Day celebration and special events (Sunday 22 September)
  • Sustainable Penang Inaugural University Lecture (20:00-22:00, 24 Sept. at Universiti Sains Malaysia)
  • Focus Group Dialogues (Mornings from 23 Sept. Caring Society Complex. Contact us for schedule)
  • Municipal Council Peer Dialogues (MPSP on 1 Oct. and MPPP on 2 Oct. 08:00 to 13:00)
  • Symposium on State of the Environment in Penang (3 Oct.. 08:30 on, Caring Society Complex)
  • USM University Master Class series  (30 Sept. – 3 Oct. 17:00-19:00 at Universiti Sains Malaysia)
  • Media presentations and interviews (print and electronic, including blogs and social media)
  • Dialogue: 2015 Penang Conference on Implementing Sustainable Transport in Smaller Asian Cities
  • State of Sustainable Penang Message (Saturday, 5 October. Municipal Park Amphitheater)

Hosts and Sponsors:

Sustainable Penang  is led jointly by Dato’ (Dr.) Anwar Fazal, Chairman of the Board of Think City, Laureate of the Right Livelihood Award and Director, Right Livelihood College, Universiti Sans Malaysia, with Prof. Eric Britton, Managing Director of EcoPlan International, Founder of World Car Free Days, Founding Editor of World Streets, Laureate of the Stockholm Environment Prize with Mayor Enrique Peñalosa of Bogotá, Distinguished Professor of Sustainable Development at the Institut Supérieur de Gestion. The project is supported by the Center for Global Sustainability Studies (CGSS), Universiti Sains Malaysia, numerous state and local organizations, NGOs, universities, and by a panel of members of the International Advisory Board of the New Mobility Agenda.

Supporting documentation:  at  +

Hotline: Kartina Mohamed.   E.   T. +604 222 6800   F. +604 222 6801

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