Penang Focus Group 8. Non-Motorised Transport

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Focus Group 8. Non-Motorised Transport

Time and place: Meeting at Caring Society Complex on 26 Sept. 11:00 to 20:30

Invited participants:  Pedestrian association. Cycling groups, cycle sales, rental, repairs, cycle parking . pedestrian areas, cycle paths. Disabled people’s organizations,

Co-Chairs.  H.T.  Khor, Consultant, Think City.   Eric Britton, Managing Director, EcoPlan international  

In brief: Safe, agreeable and extensive conditions of walking and cycling are a vital component of the sustainable city. The active role of cycling and pedestrian groups working hand in hand with local government is critical to ensuring that these objectives are met.  Speed control is a critical component of the overall package, as is the management of shared space and enforcement of  behavior of both moving and parked cars. There are a large number of small things that can be done to improve safety, convenience and agreeable travel. In all cases, policies should be targeted to provide safe transit conditions for females of all ages, as well as school age children and older people.

Focus Group objectives:

 Meet with specialized discussion partners to see if we can together (a) put our fingers on some of the outstanding problems and patterns presently holding Penang back from being among the leading cities of Asia when it comes to sustainable transport.  And (b)  to draw attention to recent initiatives that are getting positive results.  Against this backdrop (c) each focus group is being asked to identify one or more low-budget New Mobility Initiatives in their specialty area: measures that can be planned and implemented before December 2014.  We aim to identify at least 20 such projects, and (d) in each case associate the project with an implementation plan and responsible implementation partner. The results of these initiatives will (e) be monitored for progress over 2014 and (f)  presented to the planned 2015 Penang Conference on Implementing Sustainable Transport in Smaller Asian Cities

Supporting documentation:  at  +

 Hotline: Kartina Mohamed. E.  T. +604 222 6800 F. +604 222 6801

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