New Mobility Partnerships 2013: An Invitation

New Mobility Consult is the advisory and consulting arm of World Streets and its world-wide network of international partners, publications, programs, social media and focus groups. This open collaborative program  has been dedicated to sustainable transport policy and practice since 1988. Here are some of the ways in which this international competence can be put to work for your city, agency or firm in 2013.

 – – > For complete 2013 work program, click

Dossier Contents

  1. New Mobility Work Plan for 2013
  2. Program Leader
  3. Consultancy and Advisory Services
  4. Joint consulting projects
  5. Conference Organization
  6. Presentations/Participation
  7. Training Programs/Workshops
  8. Master Classes
  9. EuroCities Leader Tours
  10. Media/Collaboration
  11. Test Drive your project
  12. Government Testimony
  13. Representation/Missions
  14. Mediation/Negotiation
  15. International references
  16. Some references from World Streets
  17. Contact us to discuss

– -> For complete 2013 work program, click here – 

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