What’s wrong with Equity?

green transportation pyramid - Copenhagen bw


  • What’s wrong with the word?
  • What’s wrong with the concept?
  • What’s wrong with the concept of a transportation strategy that takes equity as its fundamental point of departure for public policy and investment decisions?

Join the discussions in The Equity Initiative at http:// worldstreets.org  Comments more than welcome

PS. this is not an easy discussion. But it is a very important one.  Get involved.

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2 thoughts on “What’s wrong with Equity?

  1. What do we mean by equity in transportation? May I also humbly suggest that you kindly use your good offices and hold workshops and short trainings on transportation, for people like us in developing countries, for knowledge management, with full financial support. Thank you Kind regards, F H Mughal (Mr.)Karachi, Pakistan

  2. Eric
    Here is some fire in the belly :}
    We will arrive at equity based transport via a process of natural transport evolution. Solo cars are no longer sustainable. Transport Equity will be created, ironically, by market forces – forces that created the disparity in the first place, through greed of a few.

    We see the force principle at work in Cyprus – tending to equity in wealth distribution, via radical appropriation of property – the market force that created disparity in the first place – through greed of a few.

    Most humans, by nature, are not greedy. However, throughout the ages, greed philosophies of a few have proved quite capable of causing temporary distortion and mayhem until harmony is once again restored by natural evolution.


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