2013 Book announcement: NO (MORE) EXCUSES

Memorandum:  First background on book in process to appear end-2013.

 No ExcuseS, Sir! 

(A tale of cities, indolence, complexity and finally . . .   simplicity)

Introduction: No Excuses is a book  in progress by Eric Britton about cities and people, and how we get around in our day-to-day lives.  It is about the failure of a generation — but also how with a little imagination and a lot of willpower we can do it better on all scores, and in a way that is fairer for all.

uk-bus-queue-no excusesIf we say it is about cities and not transport, it is because the focus is not on the usual  transport infrastructure, technology or big investments of hard-earned taxpayer money. That is the old way of looking at it, the mindset that effectively dominated transport policy and practice in the 20th century and which is just starting  to lose its hold today.  Good things are happening but still in far too few places. These are the places and projects, and the people and strategies, that No Excuses is all about.

Organization: The book is organized in three main parts and accompanied by a set of annexes.

  1. We have failed miserably: Why and what we can do about it
  2. Pattern Breaks (Twelve Learning Systems )
  3. The Third Transportation Revolution

The four annexes take a look at the situation, particular problems. barriers and opportunities  in four very different but key parts of the world as far as these issues are concerned: Africa, China, United States and Europe.

Author: Trained as a development economist, Eric Britton is a Founding Editor of Journal of World Transport Policy and Practice and World Streets, and Managing Director of EcoPlan International, an independent advisory network providing strategic counsel for government and business on policy and decision issues involving complex systems, social-technical change and sustainable development. His latest work focuses on the subject of equity, economy and efficiency in city transport, and helping governments to ask the right questions and find practical solutions to urban transport issues.

Intended readers: General public, mayors, government agencies, city and transport planners, transport operators, public interest groups, NGOs, universities, specialized research communities, IT players and start-ups, consultants, the media, young professionals and students. (Note: A substantial portion of my target readers will not be English language mother tongue. More than half will be young (under 30).)

Media Prism: The book is intended to be an easy and engaging read. It’s 2013 and the author’s understanding is that a great proportion of the readers will be at least occasionally consult it via tablets or larger smart phones. We intend that the on-line version will be fully searchable.

Price: The intent is to produce a book that will be available by the end of 2013 both in print and PDF form at low cost. The online version will hopefully be fully searchable.

Process: Substantial sections of the book have already been drafted, and will be the subject of peer reviews and public presentations over 2013, a process already engaged with workshops in a dozen cities and institutions in 2012. Each presentation keys on a single chapter or theme, with the intent of getting reactions, feedback and ideas for improvements. Likewise, sections of the report are already being “test-driven” through articles appearing in the pages of World Streets and other cooperating publications and blogs. This process will continue over all of 2013.

For further information or to organise for presentations and workshops around specific themes, contact the author via Eric.Britton@worldstreets.org, Tel. +336 5088 0787. Skype: newmobility

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About the editor:

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