Brief. Joy ride: IEA test-drives the Parisian electric car-sharing system
As electric vehicles reduce oil consumption and vehicle carbon emissions on a per-kilometre basis, a team from the International Energy Agency recently checked out the innovative Parisian car-sharing system that allows tourists and residents to criss-cross Paris for a modest fee – and an even more attractive cost in carbon emissions: zero.      —> Click here for article.

Autolib’ has a website at Website:

You can find earlier World Streets coverage of the Autolib’ project here at

In June the Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a background piece in English on the system from which you will find some extracts just below. For the full article, click here.

The Autolib’ philosophy

Autolib’ is first and foremost a civic concept, which offers everyone the chance to contribute to meeting the urban challenge of making our cities cleaner and pleasanter places in which to live. At the same time, it is about democratising access to cars, by shifting from a rationale based on ownership to one based on use. Whether we are Parisians or tourists, we all hold the keys to the success of the project.

The Autolib’ service is a mode of transport consisting entirely of “one-way” electric vehicles, which means that users can leave the car at the drop-off point of their choice without having to return to where they started from. What’s more, the environmental performance of these so-called Bluecars will contribute to keeping Paris and its region breathing. Autolib’ means zero noise, zero fumes, and zero CO2 emissions!

The Bluecar is the result of a close collaboration with the famous Turin car maker Pininfarina, which is synonymous with excellence in car design. It represents a skilful combination of elegance and the latest technologies.

Towards a new form of urban transport: green, practical, and economical.

The scheme also faces an immense logistical challenge. A team of nearly 250 operators manages the system remotely from the Autolib’ centre. They are supported by 1,000 “ambassadors” responsible for meeting the customer at the kiosks where subscriptions are sold and for ensuring that the service operates smoothly on the ground. A symbol of the changes in urban transport, the service provides customer assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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To register, all you need do is take your driving licence and current ID card or passport, to one of the Autolib’ kiosks, or visit the official website Once you have your registration badge you can hire a Bluecar from one of the pick-up stations and enjoy uninterrupted customer service, even when driving. Each car is fitted with a GPS, so you can choose any route you like. Once you have used the vehicle, you just leave it at the nearest Autolib’ station to your destination and put the vehicle back on recharge. As proof of a genuine desire for innovation, you can also book your Bluecar or its pick-up point in advance.

The diverse range of services allows both business and private users, to find a solution to suit their budget. From the single Découverte to the Premium subscription, through the business, weekly, monthly or 16-hour Premium package, the range of subscriptions means everyone can choose the one that best meets their needs.

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Brief. Joy ride: IEA test-drives the Paris Autollib’

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