Some Early References on Free Public Transport

This list is taken from the 2010 posting provided by the Free public transportation Debate at It needs to be updated but still is a useful point of reference, along with the latest Wikipedia entry at Free Public Transport. Please send us your updates either as Comments here, or to Thank you.


–        “Why free public transport”, The Understandascope

–        Free Public Transit

–        Free Public Transit Blog

–        Wikipedia on Free Public Transport

–        World Streets on Free Public Transit


–        Gauteng Free Public Transport Day



–        “Fund transport costs raises with fuel tax rather than fare increases”, Grupo Transporte Humano, Brazil

–        “The Free Transit Report”, Nurture New York’s Nature, USA

–, USA

–        Jeffrey Brown, Daniel Baldwin Hess and Donald Shoup (2003), “Fare-free Public Transit at Universities”, Journal of Planning Education Research, 23:69-82, 2003.

–        Movimento Passe Livre, Brazil

–        Supprimons les tarifs de transport, Canada

–        Zero-Fare, Canada


–        Independent Public Inquiry – Sydney’s Long Term Public Transport Plan, May 30, 2010


–        “The case for free public transport”, Green Left, Australia

–        Adelaide’s Free Transport Services, Australia

–        “Make public transport free and people will make the switch”, Socialist Alliance, Australia

–        Fare Free, New Zealand

–        “A Case for Free Comfortable Public Transport?”, Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities Center

–        Reynolds, Julia, “Zero-fare Public Transport”, Australia

–        “A Liberal Government Plan to Improve Public Transport”, The Liberal Party’s Policy and Plans for Victoria for the 2006 State Election, Australia

–        “Response to the Draft Strategy from Carlton Residents Association”, Melbourne Transport Strategy, Australia

–        “Students Ride For Free”, POLICY INITIATIVE OF THE TASMANIAN GREENS MPs, Australia

–        “Myth: Making public transport free will encourage use”, Public Transport Users Association, Australia

–        “Free public transport is not our ticket to ride”, Australia

–        Allsop, Richard (2006), “Public Transport Debates – more substance, less gimmicks”, IPA Review, July 2006, Australia

–        Phillipson, Mike and Willis, David “Free public transport for all?”, Australia

–        “Free ride: the future of public transport”, The Age, March 5, 2006, Australia

–        “Seniors’ free ride on public transport extended”, The Age, August 19, 2010, Australia

–         “A radical idea”, The Age, March 5, 2006, Australia


–        “At Any Cost? The hidden costs of charging for public transport”, Alex Berthelsen,, Sweden

–        “Parking in Amsterdam for 6 euro per 24 hours inclusive of free public transport!”, City of Amsterdam

–        “Perspectives on implementation of free public transport – assessments and recommendations from a working group under the Danish Board of Technology”, Summary, English version, November 2006

–        “TRANSPORT – a right, not a privilege!”, Campaign Transport is for everyone, Russia

–        Baum, Herbert J. (1973), “Free Public Transport”, Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, January 1973

–        Campaign for Free Public Transport, UK

–        De Witte, Astrid et al (2006), “The impact of ‘‘free’’ public transport: The case of Brussels”, Transportation Research Part A 40, 671–689

–        Free Public Transport, Finland

–        Macharis, Cathy et al (2006), “Impact and assessment of “Free” Public Transport”, European Transport n. 32 (2006): 26-48

–        Møller, Berit and Thoegersen, John (2008), “Breaking Car Use Habits: The Effectiveness of a Free One-Month Travelcard”, Transportation, Vol. 35, No. 3, pp. 329-345, 2008

–, Sweden

–        Saltada Popular, Spain

–        Scottish Socialist Party’s campaign for free public transport, UK

–        Thoegersen, John (2009), “Promoting Public Transport as a Subscription Service: Effects of a Free Month Travel Card”, Transport Policy, Vol. 16, 2009

–        Transport Vsem, Russia

–        Young Socialists, Poland

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