Importance of Gender Parity in Transport Planning and Policy

Gender parity at all levels of the planning and decision process  is a persistent, insistent theme at World Streets.  We do not mind repeating and  being annoying on this topic, if that is the case. We invite you to consult  past articles and ongoing campaigns on women and leadership in our sector here at

And just to be sure that we are not masking our position on this most important matter, here is one of the key strategic points in our 2010 proposed Plan A for Efficiency, Economy and Equity:

Strategy 5. Design for women:
Our old mobility system was designed by, and ultimately for, a certain type of person (think about it!). And so too should the new mobility system: but this time around it should be designed to accommodate specifically women, of all ages and conditions. Do that and we will serve everybody far better. And for that to happen we need to have a major leadership shift toward women and, as part of that, to move toward full gender parity in all bodies involved in the decision process. It’s that simple.

That’s our position. Now what about yours?

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2 thoughts on “Importance of Gender Parity in Transport Planning and Policy

  1. Just returned yesterday from Xiamen, in the very south-east part of China. I didn’t see any taxis or busses for that matter – driven by a female. But in private cars, yes.

    Xiamen decided many years ago, that the city should be a green city, and it sure is today! All over you would see trees, bushes and flowers along both sides of any highway, plus in the middle of it, the same goes for the smaller city street.

    By the way, a bustrip in Xiamen of 45 minutes only cost equal to DKK 1,00 per person, and DKK 0,80 if you were a regular rider and bought a 2 week coupon-card. He-he, in Denmark just one or maybe two bus stops costs about DKK 26,00…so here, most people use their car fom the outskirts of Copenhagen to the capital, when working there. .


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