World Streets on Facebook (Check it out)

Why consider joining one or more of these focus groups on Facebook?  Well, because for better of worse social media are here to stay, and warts and all Facebook definitely has its uses — as we are showing with these fora.  So put aside your reservations and at least check in and have a look for yourself. (And if you don’t want to sign in as an identifiable human being, this is no problem. Sign in as your dog (even if you don’t have one) and no one will be the wiser for it.)

You will find the full set of Facebook focus group pages just to your left, but also listed here in the order of their  “activity” as of this date. (But this can change rapidly.)

  1. World Streets
  2. New Mobility Agenda
  3. Equity/Transport program
  4. World Transport Policy
  5. World Carshare Consortium
  6. World City Bike Forum
  7. Car Free Cafe
  8. Safe Streets Challenge
  9. Gatnet: Gender/Equity
  10. Land Café/Value Capture
  11. Accès Universel
  12. Nuova Moblita (Italy)
  13. Streets of India
  14. Nova Mobilidade
  15. Streets of Iran
  16. Calles de Guadalajara
  17. Thinking about Africa
  18. Thinking about China
  19. Thinking about Russia
  20. World Streets Worst Practices Department

PS. One of my favorites is surely this last one, the Worst Practices Department of World Streets.  Useful because it is at least my contention that we have often have more to learn from the egregious mistakes of the past than from what we might think of as “best practices” (a way of looking at things that brings with it its own usually invisible traps and limitations.)

The handsome image that you will see as the header to this entry is taken from one of the articles appearing in this reminder that all birds cannot necessarily fly. It is part of a series, entitled “Winning the Battles — and Losing the War.”

# # #

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