Whenever I hear the word revolver . . . I reach for my culture.

We have long-held a theory at the New Mobility Agenda that you can never tell where the next good idea is going to come from. So you really do have to keep your eyes, ears and minds wide open, and learn where you can, where you can, from whom you can. For example, Volkswagen in the New Mobility Agenda? Well, what not? Let’s show you one great idea that you may not have seen the first time around and that we have just this morning plucked out from our archives.

Old Mobility at work in Odenplan, Stockholm


The core of the New Mobility Agenda is not so much mastering technology and organization – though we have to be excellent at both of these – but also culture: perception, attitudes, choices, acts. (And that’s why we long ago turned around Reichsminister of Propaganda Goebbels’s immor(t)al phrase, so that we can have something we can really work with.)

Great and important as it may be, we are never going to be able to force new mobility down people’s throats in our lively, pluralistic and often contentious democracies (democracy is supposed to be about just this often difficult amalgam).

Here’s their idea:

Open up new choices:

But we can use our brains to help bring about the indispensable changes where are needed if we are ever to turn the corner of our grossly unsustainable behavior.


Now check it out for yourself

And when you have viewed this, tell us here (Comment) what you think.

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