Weekend break: Photos of Mumbai’s infrastructure changing, since 1864

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From their intro:
Mumbai, formerly called Bombay, is India’s financial powerhouse. It is also home to close to 2.10 crore (21 million) people, making it the most populous city in the country.

The city has the highest GDP among all Indian cities and accounts for the largest share of tax paid to the government.

With an ever-growing population, Mumbai has been grappling with its infrastructure which proves to be quite inadequate considering the pace at which the city’s traffic congestion, housing, etc are growing.

And although PricewaterhouseCoopers lists Mumbai as one of the 26 global ‘cities of opportunity’, the city needs improvement across many parameters, like transportation and infrastructure, demographics and liveability, economic clout, cost, lifestyle assets, health, safety and security, ease of doing business, intellectual capital and innovation, technology readiness, and sustainability.

But Mumbai wasn’t always so short of infrastructure. Built on an archipelago of seven islands (Bombay Island, Parel, Mazagaon, Mahim, Colaba, Worli, and Old Woman’s Island), Mumbai has a wonderfully rich history.

In the following pages, we take a look at some of the historic pictures from 1864 onwards that speak volumes about the great city of Mumbai. . .

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One thought on “Weekend break: Photos of Mumbai’s infrastructure changing, since 1864

  1. Thank you Eric for these very nostalgic photographs of Bombay (as it was called then).
    Today the city has gone to dogs by neglect from city administration as well as the Maharashtra State Politicians and like many other cities in India, is in the firm grip of auto-dominated vision.


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