Moving Beyond the Automobile – Exit Parking

The tenth and final video in Streetfilms’ Moving Beyond the Automobile series, looks into the necessary reasons and some of the techniques for parking reform. While the context is New York City, the  lessons are universal. From doing away with mandatory parking minimums, to charging the right price for curbside parking, to converting on-street parking spots into parklets and bike corrals, cities are latching onto exciting new ideas to make more room for people in our cities and repurpose the valuable public space that lines our streets.

“Historically the parking problem was defined as there not being enough convenient places to put your car,” UPenn professor Rachel Weinberger told Streetfilms, “but increasingly cities are starting to understand that the parking problem could be defined differently and it could be the case that there is too much parking.”

* * * Click here for Streetfilms’ video (4 minutes) * * *

About the videographer:

Elizabeth Press is a media maker. Since 2007 she has been documenting the livable streets movement in New York City as a videographer for the online vlog As part of Streetfilms advocacy, Elizabeth has traveled across America and around the world to make videos that demonstrate best practices for better biking, walking and mass transit.

One thought on “Moving Beyond the Automobile – Exit Parking

  1. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to view Elizabeth’s video on parking but I’m excited that she’s focusing on the issue.

    Regarding the “right price” for on-street parking, is there really one?

    On-street parking allows cars to significantly contribute to the ruin of the environment through pollution and wars while delaying the necessary alternative changes.

    That very same on-street parking could be transformed into safe citywide bike lanes.


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