The State of World Streets: 2010, 2011 & your imagination (Part I: Intro)

With the new year of 2011 World Streets is entering its third year of publication and we thought that you might possibly  like to have this short report on its status, outlook, and in closing a few points to which you may wish to give some thought for your own personal new mobility agenda in the year ahead.

2011 Theme: We have no money gentlemen, so we shall have to think.

– Ernest Rutherford, on taking over the Cavendish Laboratory in 1919

This annual message to our readers, subscribers and collaborators is being presented here in two parts. We open today with an initial summary presentation which you can pick up here. Later this week a full report will be issued here under this heading, opening with a view of: 2010 aspirations, accomplishments, building blocks, and work still needed.

For more on this from World Streets:

2 thoughts on “The State of World Streets: 2010, 2011 & your imagination (Part I: Intro)

  1. Hello Eric:

    Greetings from San Francisco, and thanks always for your fine and important work…

    Today, I have a question for you: Where/how do I find your readers’ responses to certain articles, including my own a few months ago???

    Hartmut Gerdes

    • That’s an excellent question Hartmut. The easy answer is to pop your name into the Search box upper right and it will take you to everything that bears your name on the site

      But you also are putting your finger on a weak point Hartmut that I am trying to work on. And that is the unclear nature of the Comments links on the site at present. I would like to see on the top line of every posting (a) an invitation to post comments and (b) a clear indication of the number of comments thus far received to that item. The info is there at present but far too buried – with the result that the Comment and discussion facility is not nearly sufficiently used., And indeed, that is one of the things that W/S is supposed to be all about – open dialogue.

      I am working on it. Best/Eric


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