The real failure of Delhi’s Commonwealth Games

Over these last weeks given the news and fuss that has been generated by the press as India for better or worse prepares the way for the Commonwealth Games, it was not surprising that our minds ran to another great divide: that between the reality of the transport situation and priorities in India’s cities and streets — and the views and choices of let’s call it “Official India” in the face of these issues and decisions. There is, no doubt about it, a clear and common pattern. We kept thinking about the many parallels, so when our friend Karthik Rao-Cavale took on this challenge whole cloth in the blog “India lives in her cities too!” we were impressed by his analysis of the situation and are pleased to bring it to your attention here.

The real failure of Delhi's Commonwealth Games Squatter settlements being hidden by Commonwealth Games boards (source: India Together) The past week has been brutal for Delhi’s Commonwealth Games, which is due to begin in a few days. BBC reported poor living facilities and unhygienic restrooms. ridiculed Delhi’s use of langurs (larger Indian monkeys) to drive away smaller monkeys. An Australian channel carried out a false “sting operation” that was supposed to expose security lapses. … Read More

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