The first World Share/Transport Forum meets in Kaohsiung from 16-19 September

“On the whole, you find wealth more in use than in ownership.”
– Aristotle. ca. 350 BC

This International Conference, the first of its kind, is bringing together leading thinkers and sharing transport practitioners from around Taiwan, Asia and the world, to examine the concept of shared transport (as opposed to individual vehicle ownership or established forms of public transport) from a multi-disciplinary perspective, with a strong international and Chinese-speaking contingent.

The concept of shared transport is at once old and new, formal and informal, but above all one that is growing very fast. Something important is clearly going on, and the Kaohsiung event will look at this carefully, in the hope of providing a broader strategic base for advancing not just the individual shared modes (e.g., car-share, bike-share, street-share, taxi-share, etc.), but of combining them to advance the sustainable transport agenda of our cities more broadly.

Are we at a turning point? Is sharing already starting to be a more broadly used and relevant social/economic pattern? Is there an over-arching concept which we can identify and put to work for people and the planet? And what do you need to look at and do to make your specific sharing project work?

These are some of the issues that we shall be examining with prominent invited guests from the fields of economics, politics, psychology, who will join transportation experts to discuss these trends. Hosted in Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s energetic second city, the event will take place during car free day celebrations, which conference guests will be encouraged to join.

The event will include presentations on leading projects related to transport sharing taking place globally.

The conference in brief

Event: International conference and supporting events

Theme: Sustainable transport’s missing link: Putting share/transport to work in our cities

Dates: 16-18 September 2010 (including invitational Mayor’s Roundtable on morning of the 18th, and Car Free Day participation on Sunday morning, the 19th)

Location: City of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, ROC

Hosts: City of Kaohsiung — with support of the Chinese Institute of Transport, National Taiwan University, New Mobility Partners, and City Image Ltd.

Conference venue: International Conference Hall, Garden Villa, 801 Chongde Rd., Kaohsiung City –

Language: Chinese/English. Full translation of all sessions


  • Presenting the leading edge of thinking, policy and practice in this fast emerging field.
  • Panel of distinguished international speakers will be joined by Taiwanese and Chinese leaders (See Task Force for latest listing.)


  • Invitational: Researchers, city administration, activists, NGOs, students, media, and suppliers to the sector
  • From Taiwan, China, South-East Asia and all other interested

The immediate goal is to bring together and serve key personnel across Taiwan, working in cities, public agencies, transport operators, universities, consultants, researchers, the media, local environmental and other groups, and others working or interested in the field of transport and city development in general, and specifically sustainable transport and more sustainable cities. Conference also intended to serve those interested across the Asia-Pacific region.

Participant questionnaire:
Each considering participant is invited to fill out a short questionnaire prior to registration, to help the organizers structure the conference and in particular the breakout sessions on the various share modes to serve the needs of the group better. Comments and suggestions are also welcomed, and the organizers commit to answering your communications and questions.

Conference fees

  • Early registration (before 1 September) TWD – 6,5000 (US$ 200.00)
  • After 1 September: TWD 9,5000.00 (US$ 300.00)
  • Kaohsiung residents – apply for free entry to following address
  • Students: Upon application supply proof of current registration

Fees include full access to all conference activities and a certain number of associated and side events to be detailed here shortly.

Call for papers:
(To follow. Selected papers and commentaries to be published on World Streets –

Supporting/parallel events in planning stages: (To follow.)

Sponsors: Under discussion. Both private and public sector partners being invited to participate.

Media: The program will be media rich, all the way through from using the latest Web, internet, videoconferencing and virtual presence technologies, to extensive use of film and videos to provide a higher impact and more rapid understanding of the principles. Goal is to share conference freely and broadly.

For further information:

* English:

*  Chinese:

* Contact :

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