World Streets: First Steps on Facebook

We live in a time of not only ever greater problems and challenges before our sector but also one of fast evolving tools and other means of collaboration. each of the dozen-plus specialized fora and discussion areas that make up the New Mobility Agenda, and of course World Streets itself. We are obliged to work with the available free tools. Here is the latest addition to the lot – World Streets on Facebook.

In democratic countries knowledge of how to combine is the mother of all other forms of knowledge; on its progress depends that of all the others.
– A. de Tocqueville, 1835

World Streets on Facebook:
To some of you this may seem like a bit of a stretch, but after all it is 2010 and after all (again) we are losing and losing big the war of sustainable transport, sustainable cities and sustainable lives. We have some important messages to share among us, and here is where we really have to make use of every tool out there which might be put to work for our good cause.

Hence in this case — and why not? — Facebook. So just yesterday we set up our best first cut of a Facebook page for World Streets, which you can now see, join, comment and use at

Home page text:
World Streets: First Steps is intended to serve as an open door for the Facebook community to the issues and contents of World Streets, the 21st century daily newspaper that has a single job: to provide you with high quality, readable, concise, food for thought and leads specifically on the topics of sustainable mobility, sustainable cities and sustainable lives, world-wide.

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Signing in:
To access the site you have first to create a Facebook page, but as most of our readers know this is no big deal and can be set up quickly in a reserved, professional and secure manner. That done, once on line all you have to do is click to and there you are on the home page.

In closing, let me be the first to indicate that I do not at all have a clear picture of how this Facebook interface is going to work out. But I would be a poor friend of sustainable development and social justice if we did not at least give it our best shot.

Tell us what you think, either here or on Facebook. This is after all a team enterprise.

Eric Britton
Editor –