Le origini e la diffusione del car sharing in Italia The origins and structure of Car Sharing in Italy

With this latest report from our Italian sister publication Nuova Mobilità, we put before you our second article on the growth and status of carsharing in Italy. Italy, as you will see here, has a very different development trajectory from most of the rest of Europe or North America. What else is new? La creatività italiana

But this time we are not going to help out with an edited version of the machine translation, rather we are going to give you the first few paragraphs of the machine translation, and then the links so that you can read the entire report in either the original Italian or what we think is a pretty good machine transition into English. If you want to know, you will know.

The origins and spread of car sharing in Italy

Editor’s introduction: Today we continue our exploration of transport modes that are shared with this punctual analysis of Gian Piero di Muro on the state of the art of car sharing in Italy to complement the previous post edited by Tiziano Schiavon. Some call car sharing “the last nail in the coffin of old mobility “, since the overcoming of the transport system was born early last century can not pass through the integration of different modes of moving the car in which sharing is the natural complement to the final.

Enrico Bonfatti, Editor
– – –

Before 2000, the car sharing concept in Italy was almost totally unknown potential users, citizens in general and to supply potential of the sector, i.e. traders.
In particular, before 2002 there was only one reality, which provides the car sharing service in Milan. It was Legambiente, which in 2001 had launched the service for its members.

The greatest contribution to the development of car sharing service in Italy was provided by the initiative (ICS Car Sharing Initiative) launched by the Ministry of Environment and implemented in October 2000, in the form of an agreement between communities.

— article continues here

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* Click here to read the full Italian text – http://nuovamobilita.blogspot.com/2010/03/le-origini-e-la-diffusione-del-car.html

* And to read it in English (or other language) click to that link and in the left machine translation slot, put in the language of your choice. Buon viaggio.


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