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There are several alternative ways of accessing and keeping track of the considerable daily contents of World Streets, among them the various RSS links and bookmarks you will see the top of the menu just your left. It has been our experience in other programs of the New Mobility Agenda, that one of the best ways for colleagues to try all of this together is through a group forum, such as is introduced here.

World Streets has four main functions: (1) A daily (and monthly) publication; (2) a valuable resource for concerned public agencies, researchers, policy makers, students, the media, and active citizens; (3) an on-going collaborative process bringing together something like two thousand colleagues and observers in more than seventy countries on all continents; and binding all this together (4) a worldwide lobby for sustainable transport, sustainable cities and social justice.

This section presents the access, archiving and search functions, which permit our readers to have ready access to the hundreds of articles, postings and comments posted by colleagues around the world since opening of publication on 2 March 2009.

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Subscription: The Forum provides our readers with a handy way to sign in and thereby to make sure that they are efficiently updated in a concise manner concerning all articles and postings that appear in the pages of World Streets.

Signing up is simple – all it takes is a quick e-mail to identifying yourself by name, institutional affiliation if any, city, country, and preferred e-mail or other contact information.

News options: When it comes to receiving notification and postings, you have three choices, in the event that you are (justifiably) worried about information overload, which we try in any event to make unlikely since there is rarely more than one article per day posted to the site.

You can choose either (a) to receive news of new articles as posted, (b) to receive a compact daily digest, or (c) if you prefer, to receive only special notices which are sent out rarely but which give you an open channel of communications for exception information (this option being only rarely used). These choices you can make at the time you first sign in.

Archives, Library and Reading Room: This function is straightforward, namely that members now have access to the full content of the site, including all published articles and associated communications. The contents are fully searchable (simple keyword and advanced), as you will see on the Messages page.

Forum discussions and comments:
To post a message to the Forum, address your email to Again, before doing this a first time we invite you to have a quick read of the Welcoming Note at

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