Want to know more on carsharing around the world? All you have to do is push here.

In addition to the country review that are appearing in these pages in the weeks ahead, you may be interested to know that we have developed some tools that permit you to dig deeper and faster. Here are four you may wish to check out for your own research purposes.

No problem. Get comfortable, pour yourself a cup of coffee and take a bit of time to investigate . . .

1. All World Streets articles on carsharing – http://tinyurl.com/ws-carsharing

This calls up all articles that have appeared in the pages of World Streets since opening day of the publication in 2 March 2009.

2. The World Carshare Consortium at http://www.worldcarshare.com

The Consortium is the special monitoring and exchange program to group the information and expertise of carshare groups, concerned public agencies and researchers since 1994. the site if very very large and rather difficult to navigate, but there is a search function on the lower left menu that you may find useful.

3. Search World Carshare’s member forumhttp://tinyurl.com/wcs-messages

More than three thousand postings but the people and groups who know most about carsharing on the planet. You have to be a member of the WCS forum to make this work, but that’s no problem. Just send a quick email to the editor here – editor@worldstreets.org and it will be done

4. Search New Mobility Knowledge Base at http://tinyurl.com/kn-carshare.

This combined search engine has been created by the New Mobility Partnerships in 2008/9 as part of a knowledge building, silo-bridging project in cooperation with a team of researchers from the University of Michigan, and is specifically intended to help policy makers, local government, researchers, NGOs, activists, consultants, concerned citizens and the media keep up efficiently with the work and activities of the leading international groups, programs and sources leading the field of sustainable transport and sustainable cities worldwide. This setting of the search engine is tuned to search for all references relating to carsharing. The search scans a collection of carefully screened and selected sources, which at this point covers 626 programs and sources worldwide. (See (http://knowledge.newmobility.org for background on this search engine and the program behind it..)
(Careful here: this will call up more than 500 references so you may want to think about narrowing your search to a country, city, supplier, whatever. For that drop to the bottom of the page and try “Search within results”. You’ll see.)

As you will quickly see this is an existing, fast-developing and thoroughly practical transportation innovation that is ready to go. It is a key component of the path to sustainable transport, sustainable cities and sustainable lives. (It is also cool, economic and a great way to meet nice people)

She can do it. I can do it. You can do it. So . . . let’s do it.

Eric Britton,
Editor (and still pushing)